re: Question. If I wanted to sell a computer without Craigslist or Ebay How Would I Do It?

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Hey I hope this isn't a silly question.

I bought a macbook air for a family member because they
needed a computer. Now their job has bought them a computer
as well.

My question is how would you sell the computer online if possible,
without using craigslist (don't want to deal with lowball offers) or ebay,
I had a bad experience with ebay before of delivering the product
to someone and then they refunded via paypal, so don't want to use them.

How would you go about selling it?

It's only been used maybe 20 days... or less
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    Ad in paper or shop..Gumtree online aswell.

    You could put up a Facebook message selling it on your personal Facebook account.
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    Look on facebook if there is not a page for your town or area you live in, then post your offer there.

    the town I live in has a very active facebook page and I have managed to rent out a townhouse twice on it.

    so try your luck on facebook...
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    Post a notice at your church on the bulletin board
    Ask at the local college if you can post a notice
    Contact your local homeschool group to see if anyone is interested

    Yes, you can have a bad experience with eBay but if you post for Local PickUp only and request cash you won't have the charge back issue and all my local pick up sales have never been returned
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