$1500 a month to spend on Advertising

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What is a good way to spend $1500 per month on advertising a product?
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    Not enough info for an intelligent answer.
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      Originally Posted by travlinguy View Post

      Not enough info for an intelligent answer.

      Hold on let me think for a minute.

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        Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

        Hold on let me think for a minute.

        I may borrow this image for the next time I hear "build your list." Not that I have anything against list building, I do it enough, but it seems to be the pat answer a lot of the time; and a lot of the time it isn't exactly the right one. The theory is by building a list you secure your future with a traffic source. There are other ways to secure your future; better ways, often, too. Too tired to expand just now. I'm off-topic anyway!

        How to spend $1500 a month on ads? I would invest some of that into learning how to spend it. Just trying to save you from losing it, OP.

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    Test options with small amount of money first, don't believe anything until it works in practice. Once you've found something that works, expand slowly not too quickly, because some things that work at small scales behave differently at large scales . . . one example from my own experience . . . putting a few product reports on a small website worked well, so putting lots of the same product reports on a bigger website should work better because many of the visitors would read about more than one similar product before choosing, so the bigger site "should" make more money per report. But it doesn't. Mainly because Google give more traffic to small tightly focused websites than bigger more general ones.

    So, start small, test, and expand gradually.

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    Spending $1,500 per month.... build your own list for your business in long term, whatever niche you take.
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    Originally Posted by moneymagneto View Post

    What is a good way to spend $1500 per month on advertising a product?
    it depends on exactly what type of product it is
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  • Business online is a numbers game. I suggest having a complicated sales funnel simplified for yourself where you are driving value, giving what your traffic want while upselling them what they need

    Have low ticket at front end and high ticket at back so you maximize your ROI.

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      Take a small part of it and spread it around different advertising mediums. Maybe some quality Solo Ads. Maybe some PPC.There are endless sources.

      Just do NOT blow the whole load. Do not feel like you have to spend the whole $1,500 each and every month.

      Be prudent about it

      - Robert Andrew
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    Try adwords, initially you may burn all your funds. But if you setup your campaign properly you get more conversions.
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  • I'd use it to test Solo Ads, depending on what you're advertising. Also, Banner Advertising which you can find some high traffic sites from BuySellAds to advertise on. Also try Bing PPC and Facebook.
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    Originally Posted by moneymagneto View Post

    What is a good way to spend $1500 per month on advertising a product?
    A set monthy advertising budget doesn't really make sense for an internet business where the feedback from a campaign is so much faster, and often more accurate, than for the equivalent in offline advertising.

    What if that $1,500 spend resulted in profits of $3,000? Wouldn't it be worth increasing your spend the next month to see if the profits were commensurate with the extra spend?

    The optimum approach would be to have a fluid budget representing a percentage of your previous profit - and to tweak that figure continually as you monitor the results.

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    I think the best way to spend the money is to find the top converting keywords for your campaign. Once you know the keywords that will not only get traffic, but also convert then it's time to get some good rankings for the site. There is a lot of ways to get good rankings found on this forum.
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    I would suggest to buy solo ads but not spending that amount of money all at once. Try different vendors and look for the ones that get you most sales and opt ins.

    Once you find the vendor, invest more and you will get A LOT of quality traffic.

    Hope it helps
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