where can I find a products creation service?

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I wanna build a sales funnel in the internet marketing niche- I need a product and a upsell (including sales pages).
where can I find someone with good reputation who can give this service?

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    You can search over WF for freelancers offering their services. http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...cruit-jvs.html

    Darius Vaduva
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    What niche are you focused on?
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    Having a fair amount of experience in info product publishing and marketing, you will most likely need to outsource the creation of the product separately from the sales/funnel - and even then, most likely you will need to handle the sales funnel separately from the copywriting.

    What I tend to do now is the following:

    1. Our own team does our niche and product idea discovery
    2. We outline our info products (always plan for a give away, intro level product and most of the time, a higher-end product)
    3. From here - we either take on the actual development of the product ourselves or we outsource either one of the writing or the video creation (our products typically are produced in both written form and video training)
    4. For sales funnel - to create the pages we use OptimizePress 2, there are other theme packs you can use as well, but we find OP2 is good for most projects. This allows us to quickly create the following a) A sales page b) squeeze page c) Thank you pages d) Blog + some other specialized landing pages that we use as part of the sales funnel
    5. Most copywriting I do myself, but on occasion will outsource either the complete copy development or outsource a copywriter review to improve a sales letter/landing page

    I have tried on a few occasions to outsource this completely to one person/team or another - it has never worked (on all occasions they had oversold their ability to deliver on one or more of these parts of the business)

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    Hi there

    I would suggest starting off with someone else's product first as they will have a whole sales funnel already set up. You can then model this to build your own.

    You can go to clickbank to find a product to find a product, search by 'gravity' to find the best sellers.

    However, if you would like to have something written for you, check out iWriter: Article Writing Service

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    As @jbsmith says, it's best to outsource each aspect separately.

    The Warriors for Hire section would be my first port of call, or a posting the Warriors Looking to Hire You section if you can't find anyone offering what you want.
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    Maybe anyone could recommend a freelancer in products creation?

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    Originally Posted by actress6 View Post

    where can I find someone with good reputation who can give this service?


    It really depends upon your niche. There are services that will do product creation, video creation, ghost writing, etc, but if your niche is very technical or specialized, you are going to be having your products created by someone that knows nothing about the niche and it will show in your product!

    I think a better approach is to go to the experts in your niche and figure out how to get your product out of them.

    There may be some existing product that you could license from an expert.

    Or maybe you could hire an expert to write something specific just for you.

    Or you might be able to interview an expert and publish the results as a paid product.

    Or you could partner with an expert - he delivers the content and you produce and market the finished product. You would share the income from the sales.

    Or you could become a student of the niche and learn all about the subject and then produce your own product.

    In some not too technical subjects you could find PLR or Public Domain material, rework it, and either create your own product or outsource the creation of the finished product (you would provide the draft material).

    There are all sorts of ways to get expert content which I think is a better approach than hunting for a product creation service that won't give you a quality in-depth product.

    Just my own opinion . . .


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    You need to hire different people for different jobs. So it will take time to do all the work from product creation to the promotion. Be ready for outsourcing a lot.
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