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Can some people please llist the best ways to get your articles exposed

currently i am auto submitting and manual to the enzines. should I be creating squidoo lens and hub pages /wp blogs for each article as well????

what are some other ways to help promote articles, and is there a service that I could outsorce this too??????

Hope everyone is making lots money
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    You could try to outsource it to Getafreelancer. You will find people that are willing to work for cheap there.
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    You will find you will get 95% of your traffic from the top 6 article directories. It's still worth submitting to all of them (as long as you auto submit to the small ones, so it doesn't take much time) if for no other reason than the SEO affect. If I were you, I would at least start out manually submitting to the top 6, just so you can get a feel for how it all works, and to make sure it is done right. Here is a list of the top 6...
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      Originally Posted by artsub View Post

      You will find you will get 95% of your traffic from the top 6 article directories. It's still worth submitting to all of them (as long as you auto submit to the small ones, so it doesn't take much time) if for no other reason than the SEO affect. If I were you, I would at least start out manually submitting to the top 6, just so you can get a feel for how it all works, and to make sure it is done right. Here is a list of the top 6...

      That's a good list to get started with - but I would not suggest articledashboard. Their results have been less than par for a very long time now and their support is nonexistant.

      Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    To get a major benefit from article marketing you should try to submit many articles consistently over time. Preferably a few a week. When I first started article marketing a few years ago, I was submitting one article a month and i thought I was doing something. Wrong! Now I submit at least 5 to 10 articles a week. All with keyword rich titles and content worthy of the readers time.

    Submit to ezine articles first because when you do a Google search on keywords, they usually will show up on the 1st or 2nd page results if the keywords are in the title. Submitting to the other directories that are not the majors will give you slow consistent traffic over time because it takes awhile for those articles to get approved by those article directory administrators.

    Lastly, a good outsourcer for writing articles is It's about $4.95 per article. They write and will distribute your article to ezine articles, article marketer, and other major directories for a little extra. However it is very inexpensive. They have good writers that write good content if you give them good direction on what to write about. Hope this helps you out. Feel free to contact me if you need more help on this.
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    Hi Ponty,

    Although many people are avoiding Squidoo like the plague, I still find it to be a great place to draw traffic (one of my top 3). As long as you abide by their policies, you will do fine....So don't overlook Squidoo!

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      I don't want to hijack this thread, but you need to get rid of the small blue print in your posting. Old geezers like me need larger print that is usually in black to be able to read it.



      Get information on growing older and healthier.

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        I thought that was one giant link!
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        your awesome!!!
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    Think it through, and do your keyword research...

    Any arbitrary directory list won't work for everyone, just Google your keywords.

    Find the strongest sites for those keywords, then find the ones you can submit some kind of content to. Maybe forums, blogs or portals.

    Many times a few high value blog comments or forum posts will bring more traffic and SALES then dozens of articles.

    Don't just slave to write content to the "mega directories" just to see your hard work get buried deep in their enormous database.

    Do a little research, and save yourself some work.
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    Remember that in article marketing, like any other part of running your online business, the most valuable asset you have is your time. Use it wisely and submit articles only to the top article directories that will benefit you the most. Submit to the others only if you can do so either through an auto-submitter or very cheap outsourcing. This way you can spend your time creating more articles which will bring more traffic which will continue to benefit your whole business.

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    You know the "best" way to waste valuable time with article writing and marketing? Not writing articles around keywords that actually have a shot at ranking well. I still see this as by far the biggest mistake new and even a lot of older marketers make. Don't write a word until you've got yourself a nice list of exploitable keywords for your niche. If you just write without concern over keywords (bad enough) or write in an attempt to slay the big bad keywords in your niche (worse idea for most), you're headed for major frustration.

    Barebones Blueprint:

    1. Build a keyword list consisting of keywords that don't have a lot of competition but get a fair number of monthly searches at Google.

    2. Drill down the list and write at least one article per keyword. Use the keyword in your title (at the very beginning is best for SEO) and a few times naturally in your article text.

    3. Link to your site using a related keyword for which you want your site to rank well.

    4. Get a few good backlinks pointing to your articles, and be sure to use the same keyword as anchor text in those backlinks as you targeted in the article itself.

    5. Don't stop until you've got at least one article per keyword in your list.

    With as few at 5-10 articles, IF you follow this simple blueprint, you can start seeing a good steady flow of visitors. And they'll be great visitors! Highly targeted and (if your articles do their jobs) open to whatever you're selling. Article directory traffic converts at some of the highest percentages, in my experience.


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    Ok, So now I know i should post articles around a select group of keywords!!! What is the best/quickest way to get some backlinks towards those articles???
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    The best way to use your content is to submit it to as many directories and websites as you can. This will help you to expose your content to a wider audience and at the same time you will be able to get more backlinks which won't be very powerful, yet it is still better than nothing.

    Also make sure that you focus on the quality, not the quantity of the content (articles) you write/provide. Because the readers who are interested in the topic will quickly realize whether the author knows anything about the thing that he writes about or not.

    Provide high quality content. By doing so you'll gain trust and after some time you'll becmoe an authority in your market.

    "Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50m, but I was just as happy when I had $48m." Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    Hi thanks for the info here. Quick question; if you submit the same article to several directories will there be a negative impact from duplicate content? And what if the article uses some of the same text from your website?
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        Originally Posted by dave147 View Post

        There will be no negative impact. Your "same" articles will be indexed many times from the top directories
        Thanks for your reply Dave
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    Okay, here's a simple strategy:

    1) Write an article that's optimized for a long tail keyword, that has a good demand but low competition

    2) Get the article published on

    3) Now, link the article page to as many high PR sites as possible.

    This should give a big boost to your article in the search engine results, since the article is already on an authority site and by bringing in quality inbound links, you just make it stronger.
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    As it has been stated many times on here....Promote ..Promote..Promote Your article! There are tons of ways to do this....But the more inbound links you have promoting your article the better. (Just as Zeus mentioned) You can even hunt around in this forum and find ways to get backlinks that point to your article. You can use the google search options to immediately find blogs related to your keyword....check these out and find the ones that allow a link...As I said..tons of ways to promote...and tons of ways to get backlinks

    Just my opinion

    Gary Earle
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    Good point, Gary.

    Just remember that there is a difference between promoting your article and just getting unrelated backlinks to it. Huge difference in the long haul, IMO.

    Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    here are my favourite article directories that i submit all my articles to:

    Then when you have done that submit the link to social sites like twitter, facebook, myspace, squidoo and then bookmark them to as many of the following as you can:

    Once you have done this turn it into a blog post via a free blogging site.

    leave it about a week and then search the title of the article on google you will find many will re-use your article on their blog with your links included so go and bookmark those blog posts as it is all pointing at your article and is well worth doing.

    kind regards

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      I've noticed that no one is mentioning as a top site for submitting articles. I love Sometimes I will submit an article there before I even submit to Ezinearticles. I guess that is because of the adsense revenue from this site.

      Maybe I have missed something in my article marketing training, but Hubpages is one of my favorite sites to post articles after Ezinearticles.

      Confused about SEO? Facebook? Adwords? Send me a PM to apply for your free 30 minute consultation today!

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    Thank you everyone, this has helped me a lot in my article marketing!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author johagulo and 2 are the best
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      I think Zeus has it nailed, I made copy of that list.
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    so i guess i can grab all my ezine articles who got published and re-publish them on whatever other article directory???
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    To get tons of traffic using articles, you will need to sign up with ezine articles. get yourself to platinum status which is basically finishing all your submissions. the process is quite slow but once you will get to platinum status, you will fins that article marketing is the best, if you take keyword research into consideration. From experience i thought article marketing was not me, but now i write 55 articles a week and get a storm of traffic to my websites, FOR FREE!!
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    Iv bookmarked this thread, gives me new ideas on article marketing cheers and thanks for the help
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      You can start with submitting your article in free directories for a zero cost advertisement.Much good in high page rank sites.Your opinion of using other sites like squidoo is also a great option.
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    Zeus66, when you say fair number of monthly search volume how much should it be so that competition is low for your niche on search volume.
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      Originally Posted by ShazLeghari View Post

      Zeus66, when you say fair number of monthly search volume how much should it be so that competition is low for your niche on search volume.
      Well, the two are not always related. That is, some keywords with high competition will actually not get that many monthly searches... and some keywords that get a lot of monthly searches will not have a lot of competition. How many searches every month are enough? There's no one correct answer. For me, I don't bother with keywords getting less than a few hundred monthly searches. I figure if at least a dozen or so people per day aren't searching for something, then what's the point of ranking high for that phrase? Even if I get to the #1 spot, the resulting traffic is probably not going to be worth the time I spent getting the top spot. Now, some keywords are so non-competitive that you can get to #1 without doing anything but writing a keyword optimized article and getting it out there. But those are pretty rare - at least the ones getting enough searches.

      I highly recommend a piece of software called Micro Niche Finder. It's about $100, but the time it saves you on finding the keywords worth going after is worth many times that one-time cost. At least, it has been for me.

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    Yes, using squidoo, hubpages, twitter etc is also another good option to choose,article marketing is one the most cost effective and targeted. But if combined together it will be superb, depending on the competition and what niche your on.
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    I had the same problem... It is a nightmare getting your articles written and then posted... especially if there are a lot of them. Distributing these articles is hard work....

    I researched and found the best solution (for me) was to utilize the services of "Unique Article Wizard".
    At $60/month they are expensive, but for me using them was a no-brainer...they easily out-performed all contenders.

    Note: This is NOT an option for people with limited article marketing requirements, but if you have a comprehensive number of websites to promote, each with a number of niche-keywords... and if you intend to aggressively market your articles... then "Unique Article Wizard" makes sense.

    What I like about "Unique Article Wizard" is that:
    1. It submits a different unique article to every directory, ezine publisher, announcement group, and niche website. I couldn't find any other service that match this.
    "Unique Article Wizard" does require you to make some adjustments to each article - on average it takes about 30 minutes to do this. The wizard then produces completely readable, human written, unique articles. This is important because as the search engines become more sensitive to duplicate content you need this edge to maximize the power of each and every article you send out.

    2. Once adjusted the average time to submit a new article once it is written and ready to is about 30 seconds. a nice feature is that you don't need to register new accounts with each article directory, or respond to confirmation emails - the wizard takes care of that.

    3. It submits to hundreds of top article directories, including, and .

    4. You have the option of sending your articles to all the destination sites in one go, or set up staggered submission and spread your submission over days or weeks.

    5. You can even preload your account with multiple articles - and set future dates for their submission.

    6. It allows you to use as many pseudonyms (Pen Names) as you like - got a hundred or three hundred domains, all using a different pseudonym? No problem.

    7. It provides a simple control panel that keeps your articles organized so that you know which articles have gone out for which domains. You can see instantly which articles have been sent, and which are still waiting to be sent.

    8. It allows you to resubmit an article with just the click of a button.

    9. It will submit your article to your own blog (using one of the UAW plugins) which, if you combine it with setting up future submissions, allows you to provide regularly updated content for your site without having to go back each week to post your new articles. Set it all up at the beginning of the year and let it run on auto pilot from then on!

    10. It provides weekly statistics (for a year) for every article you have submitted, showing exactly how many times your article has been indexed by yahoo - and thus how many links are pointing back to you. Now you can see your article spread across the net as publishers and webmasters pick it up and reprint it!

    11. Each unique version that goes out can also carry a link that enables people to get their own unique version of that article - different from the one they are reading!
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