How To Create A Clickbank Product

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Can someone please help me and explain a brief overview of how to create your own clickbank products. And any recommended courses.. Thanks
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    Here's a quick way to get you started...

    1. Create your product outline.
    2. Write your report/create your video series.
    3. Setup a members area to deliver the files to your buyers.
    4. Create your sales page, write your copy.
    5. Create upsells/downsells if you have any.
    6. Submit your products to ClickBank and make sure that you're following their rules.
    7. Pay the activation fee ($50) once you're approved.
    8. Start selling your products!

    I've been creating ClickBank products for my customers for over
    5 years now, and that's the process basically. It's not going to be
    easy to create your products and the whole sales funnel, but it's
    definitely worth it because that's the only way to make serious
    money online, as a vendor, not as an affiliate.

    Once you're a vendor and you build your list, then you can
    sell affiliate products more easily.

    Hope that helps...

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    I would personally give you a piece of advice considering your thread.

    You should keep in mind, that more than creating the product, you will need partners that will help you promote your product or you should be able to generate your own traffic in order to generate sales that future affiliates will need to see in order to decide if your product is ok to invest in.

    Darius Vaduva
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    Hey, you create a Clickbank product just as you would any other product.

    Also, you can release it on other JV networks like JVZoo etc.
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      Originally Posted by Luke Dennison View Post

      Hey, you create a Clickbank product just as you would any other product.

      Also, you can release it on other JV networks like JVZoo etc.
      Spot on Luke!

      There is nothing different from a Clickbank product to any other product,

      You could have just a pdf or videos, or a membership site depending on the needs of your market,

      The KEY with Clickbank is not so much having a product but knowing how to market the product yourself and ensuring you get interest from affiliates.

      In short, having created over 50 Clickbank products and being a Premier vendor, make sure you know how to market your product and make sales YOURSELF before you even think about recruiting affiliates.

      The cool thing is that if you ARE making sales yourself, have a decent product in a good niche you will get affiliates,

      All the best,

      Chris Jones
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    This is old but very useful for newbies.. like me! Thanks guys!
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    Hi there!
    Creating a digital product and then selling it via affiliate networks like clickbank,jvzoo etc is simple but not easy.
    This requires learning.And most importantly dedication.
    Brief idea how this works:
    You develop an idea
    Create product
    Create sale page/website
    Sell online
    Each one of above steps has its own science
    Looks like I have found a great solution for this
    This is specially great for newbies
    Google moneyplexus-and jump to moneyplexus(dot)com.
    May be you will find what you are looking for
    Best wishes!
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    If you are going to create your own product, you will need a professional to create all the designs, banners for your affiliates, and sales copy. Then when everything is ready, you will need to pay Clickbank a fee before they review your product for you.
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    You don't need a course.

    Just do the work and if you have a stumbling block -- then go and look for the solution to your problem or buy a course.

    There are so many products there you can easily have a look and reverse engineer enough to get started on. Then you can start to get complicated.

    And there is no lose from doing it.

    I had a product I put on Clickbank -- it didn't work out -- so I made it a Kindle eBook and now it brings in sales and builds a list of Kindle buyers.

    There was only a win.
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