Twitter Slapped arrghhhh

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Twitter slapped me today and I'm not sure why I put in ticket to there support and waiting on a reply but I dont get it ..

I just opened a new account 4 days ago to add a selling point for one of my site flips
I have been manually following and unfollowing around 30 to 4o people a day to make it seem natural ... and there is no reason it shouldnt as I am doing it all manually.

I am using some techniques form the so called "Goobers" such as following the followers of the followers of your niche , using tweetlater , and twello for relevant followers for my niche etc etc

and they still suspend my account ughhhhhh!!!!
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      I am using some techniques form the so called "Goobers" such as following the followers of the followers of your niche , using tweetlater , and twello for relevant followers for my niche etc etc
      Twitter warned members that "Unfollowing" will cause accounts to get flagged and maybe banned.

      Especially when an automated tool like "Twello" is used to follow in the first place.

      Mass un-following seems to be the problem.
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    I am not 100% sure of what the Tweetlater and Twello things are, but if they are some sort of automation tools for auto following, that could do it. They are really cracking down on automated tools.

    Also, if you listed the actual twitter account in your ad for selling another site, they may have found it that way. The TOS on Twitter don't say you can't sell a Twitter account, but they may or may not like it.

    Hopefully you get a response from them and we will know for sure so it doesn't happen again.

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    the problem is with the twitter API. they don't allow many actions executed in a short period of time... they KNOW when you use a program because in order for the program to work they must have it registered. Only the developer can execute 20k updates in order to test the application... other users have a limited number of updates, and adding users... via applications... on the other hand... manual clicking and following users doesn't get you banned... nor slapped



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    The tweelater shows the post from api as the new twiiter rules states that instead of from the web like it used to ... but I do not use it for adding followers it was supposed to be used for posting tweets at set times .. and I only posted one time with it

    Could it be a follower was slapped and they went down there list of followers ?

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    You're not the only one ...
    Take a look at this Twitter Suspending Accounts in Droves | Stay N' Alive
    and a Twitter search for suspended suspended - Twitter Search
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    I read an article on ReadWriteWeb two to three weeks ago stating that Twitter was going to start cracking down on "Follow churn".

    They will unban your account in a week, the first one is only temporary. Though I am not sure of what future penalties may be.

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    Yeah I heard about Twitter is cracking down on "squatters" or fake accounts ever since some of the stars have been complaining about it. I don't think automated tools is the problem. I use automated tools and they help me be more efficient.

    I think it's more got to do with spamming and accounts using that as their sole purpose.

    I hope your account is unbanned and everything is taken care of.


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  • I just got slapped today too and I have no idea why. I can tell you that I am pretty pissed off about it
    "The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do"
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    I posted a warning here last month about this exact thing so that people wouldn't suffer like this.

    Twitter are not stupid and they're protecting their business.

    There are a bunch of rules about number of API calls etc, but more importantly they're targeting strategies not just tools.

    If you keep following people and then unfollow them if they don't follow you back - you're going to stand out as someone only trying to build a list.

    No-one really wants to follow 5000 other people, and you would have trouble keeping up with them if you did, so it's not rocket science to work out which people are list building rather than interacting.

    Also, people just constantly posting quotes or links are likely to stand out.

    This is just common sense - maybe there will be collatoral damage and a few genuine people will get caught in their efforts, but I think it's a good thing as there's now way too much crap getting tweeted on auto-pilot by IMers trying to game Twitter for their own ends.


    nothing to see here.

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    They say it was a human error for many of the users just suspended:
    Twitter Status - Restoring accidentally suspended accounts

    Don't know if that's the case for everyone complaining, but maybe wait and see.

    AND OT to Andy - Just read your tweet about tweeting quotes. I asked that a while ago and the responses still had me scratching my head. LOL.

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    Just need to file a petition through and they will unsuspend you. Read the twitter rules, there are a lot of things against the rules that many people don't know about.
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    I think it's just people who are being aggressive. People who constantly follow other people then within hours unfollow those who don't follow back. I use an unfollow tool at Twitterfollower but i don't use it every day. I only use it when I think about it like every week or two. There are other people who post CB links every 2 minutes with Tweetlater that I think will be targeted.
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      Yeah thats what I dont get I was only un following the spammers I have now taken the twitter widgets out of my site and will go back to life with out it

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    Sometimes with twitter it is the time difference in between following and unfollowing the other members. Using services like tweetlater really doesnt matter i use them myself to send out about 15 messages a day and since joining at xmas havent had a single problem.

    Appeal your suspension and ask where you want wrong?

    once of my friends was suspended on twitter last night and that was for strange behaviour and he seemed no different to the rest of them so they can be rather strict some are suggesting their turning into facebook!

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    Folks, the blog posts about the so-called "Twitter Slap" were built around a single comment made by Doug Williams on Twitter Development Talk.

    Here is what he said:

    "There is no limit to the number of unfollows. Using software to constantly churn followers in a repeated pattern of following and unfollowing will however risk suspension."

    The objection here is USING SOFTWARE to constantly churn followers.

    Anything beyond that is blogger spin, linkbait... whatever you want to call it.
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    I got Twitter slapped a few months ago... and I think it was from scheduling tweets? I'm still not sure what happened entirely.. but I got my account reinstated after 7 days and 30 emails.
    I had no idea it was Twitter slapping until well after the fact.
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    I recently manually unfollowed about 1000 people that were autofollowed before I realized the stupidity of such a thing and disabled Tweetlater's autofollow function.

    No slap here.
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    My Twitter account was amoung the thousands that were "human error" suspended.

    I thought it was funny because it has be forever since I have added anyone to follow, or unfollowed anyone.

    I didn't even know it until one of my friends sent me an email wondering what happened to my account

    Its all back now

    Mark Riddle
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    I unfollow people manually, I think the using of automated tool is the problem of getting suspension.
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