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Hi Guys, I'm hoping somebody can offer some words of advice on this one.
I own a UK based company that looks after the financial interests of my clients, in terms of their pensions and investments.

We currently have a product that is suitable for those with an ISA, but our product is giving double (and some) the performance. It really is a no brainer to switch.

We have already converted much of our own client base, but we are now looking to market this to the wider community as this can benefit EVERYBODY with an ISA.

I'm considering whether a good option could be to send a Solo Ad to somebody elses list?

Any experts out there that can give me their opinion on this?

Of course, we will eventually build our own relationship with the client, so capturing their email address through a squeeze page isn't vital.

We just want to get our product out there and have people directed to our website and then either contact us, or leave us their details so that we can contact them.

Any advice, I'd really appreciate it.

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    Anybody able to offer any advice on this one?
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    You might be able to find a list of email addresses of people with ISA's or people with previous purchases that makes them suitable, from a list broker.

    The factor to be aware of is that any list a broker has, will be of finite size, yet they know they will continue making money if they give clients bigger and bigger lists. So they will tend to pad out a list with not so relevant content, when the real list is not as big as the client wants to pay for. So start small and test everything very well, then grow gradually, keeping a close track of metrics as you expand and be on the lookout for a sudden drop in performance at some point in the expansion.

    You could also use AdWords, which are the adverts beside a search on Google (and similar adverts on some websites) where you bid to pay per click on a particular search term, so every time someone clicks on the advert and gets to your website, you pay the agreed fee. As with everything, optimize your results by testing. Some of the financial terms are likely to cost a lot (for example "mesothelioma" can cost up around $100 per click) so test as well as you can before you spend much.

    Other than buying a list, you can create online content that people who are likely to want your service, would be searching for, so they find you naturally. You obviously need to optimize and test your squeeze-page or however you are doing it, as well as using good on-page SEO. You might also consider article syndication (note that this is very different from the way most people try to put articles on lots of directories to get backlinks), and/or guest-blogging (which is similar, the main difference being that you write unique content for guest blogging), and there are some very good threads on this forum on how to do those.

    Another idea is to offer commissions . . . either create an affiliate program, or contact those who can capture leads directly and offer them a commission on every conversion. You might like to see the JV forum on this site, for some people doing exactly that.

    Another method online is giving away free reports, Ebooks, etc. that will be of interest to those suitable for your products. You can give them away on a website, offer them to other websites, blogs, newsletters etc. as a free giveaway for them, sell them for nothing (or a small amount) on Amazon etc. and put them up as 100% commission on JVZoo so that others with relevant content will sell them for you (with links to your website, in the product).

    Then there are social-networks . . . there are plenty of retired people, and other suitable groups of people on FaceBook etc. so make a FB page and group, get involved on any groups where such people might hang out, and promote your services.

    Another option is answer sites, like YahooAnswers (be very careful how you use them because they ban people forever for almost no reason) or other question and answer sites . . . if someone is asking a question that your product is an answer to, then give them a genuine and informative answer, without being to much like a salesman, and you will get visitors to your website that way.

    As well as online promotions, don't forget off-line as well . . . such as a list of postal addresses of those with ISA's or those who's recent purchases suggest that they would be suitable. As with the advice above on the finite size of email lists, that obviously applies as well to postal addresses, as the same tactic is known to be used by some list brokers.

    There are lots of methods of finding interested people online, that's what nearly all internet-marketing involves, so most of the content of the forums here are talking about methods that you can apply.

    Hope that gives you a few ideas

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      Brilliant. Than you for all the suggestions Chris. Looks like i'd better get to work
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      Davids22 and PaulJones99, thank you both very much for your thoughts.
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    Solo ads would be good, but another option would be to do media buys/FB advertising to specific demographics.

    If you can create a message that speaks to your specific audience, have a good sales flow & pay CPC I don't see how you can lose money on this, especially since it sounds like you have an excellent product.


    Need help? PM me.

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    Very much doubtful this will work. This is 99% face to face networking.
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      Originally Posted by pauljones99 View Post

      Very much doubtful this will work. This is 99% face to face networking.
      this couldn't be more off base than just about anything I've seen on the warriorforum.

      the biggest information publishing companies in the world focus on the alternative type of investing information.

      companies like agora, stanburry research, and others that all do in excess off $100 million to $600 million a year buy a large portion of their media buys through email marketing.

      not your typical solo ad as most people would understand it in this space, but they go buy solo ads, and top sponsor ads from respected newsletter publications in that have large email databases of 1million - 60 million subscribers.

      the average solo ad would cost around $1600.

      but obviously there is tremendous upside if you do it right. And not listen to people who are misinformed.
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    Maybe you should try putting together some webinars or live seminars.
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    join the local polo club. Mix and mingle.:-)
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