Can You Put an Article on Ezines With Your Keyword Being a Misspelling?

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Hi Warriors,

Hope you are all well

So my question is the very same that made you open this thread: Can You Put an Article on Ezines With Your Keyword Being a Misspelling?

Let me give you an example: I decided that I would write an article on the world of warcraft game for whatever reason. As I am doing my keyword research I discovered that the keyword "word of warcraft" is searched a lot. Can I use that keyword on my article and optimize it for it in spite of being a clear typo?

I asked myself this question when I found that there were some misspelling keywords that were actually searched a lot. But as eza is a content website I was not sure if they would accept this.

Thanks all for your help :p

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    In their TOS, they state that they require perfect spelling and grammar (not in those exact words). If you submit articles with mistakes of any kind in them as part of your initial 10 articles, you are killing your chances of getting upgraded straight to platinum, so don't do it!

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    funny, i just found a super misspelled keyword today and i was asking the same thing. But i honestly don't think its possible so i didn't even try. I just cant see EZA allowing this.
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    Yes, no misspelling allowed. It ain't adwords.

    they'll reject your article at light speed, especially if it is in the title... but after all, they're all humans and you never know... mispelling in the body? Maybe.

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    I think they will not approve it because i just had the same situation and they did'nt approved my article and said i should check my spelling and grammar and re submit the article within 48 hours so i think so they will clearly not approve the mis spell keyword
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    Misspelling keywords cannot be included in your articles - particularly when you submit it, they will reject your articles. There are hundreds of ezines that are not very particular on your grammar and spellings...just try that out on your own.
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        Originally Posted by alexa_s View Post

        "Word of Warcraft" is an interesting misspelling in that it's one a spellcheck wouldn't pick up, what with "world" and "word" both being proper words. (I'm not trying to imply that that's how EZA check things).

        I think the best way to find out whether EZA would permit this is to ask them, rather than canvassing the opinions of people who may not necessarily know the right answer. EZA has a forum, here and Christopher Knight has set up a special page, here, where you can ask questions like this for a reliable answer. Hope it helps.
        I agree - it seems like people are considering this to be the EZA support forum...and it is FAR from being so.

        Answers given here could do some serious damage to your article marketing campaigns and, perhaps your entire online business.

        I would personally ask Chris - maybe he'll even do a blog post about it.

        No offense meant at all to the OP. But why aren't people going to the source for their problems and support questions? :confused:

        Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    I have 2 suggestions...

    1. Try GoArticles. You can get misspellings through on that directory.

    2. If the misspelled keyword has very little competition, post the article on your own site (assuming you have like a WoW review site or whatever).

    Either way, all you'll probably need is a few backlinks that have anchor text also with the misspelled version and you should quickly make it to Page 1 at Google.

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    If you can't use it in your title, can't you use it as a keyword for the article itself? I am new, don't know much, but I use mispelled words in my keywords and I get a report from Ezine every month that tells me the keywords that were used and some have been mispelled words, and one was my name, but that must have been my ex googling my name. lol.
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    As someone else said, the OP's example is NOT a misspelling. That one will probably go through.

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    You could give the article a title like 'The Word on World of Warcraft', and use the word 'word' a couple of times in the body in close proximity to the word 'warcraft', then you would probably show up for both phrases.
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      Uh...stupid question: why not do an article about the mis-spelling, how you found it, what it means as far a keyword research, etc. It's really a very fascinating subject and both Warcraft people and IM people would be interested. Then you're not gaming the system, scamming anyone and you're using the mis-spelling in your article legitimately.

      Uh...or don't. I might write this article, I've play WoW (lvl 70 Paladin, BadLands Rocks) and it's a good niche (just kidding, not about playing, about writing the article, I won't do it.)

      Write it with the explanation and I think they'll approve it because it's INTERESTING and relevant to TWO niches. WoW and IM.

      Good luck,

      No sig today.

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