Is there a way to download a youtube video with a clickablle link

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Greetings Warriors,

Im creating my first product, which is a series of videos with almost 3.6 gb, i uploaded them to YT in private mode, and now what i want is to place those videos on my download page so people can see them, but i also want them to be able to download them ... i know i could upload the videos to my one of my servers, but wouldnt that make my site go much slower, is there any solution beside create mirror links? ... I though there was a way like inserting a code before or after te youtube link so it could download auto .... whats the best practice on this ...

Thank you Peregrino
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  • Anything on youtube can be downloaded, you can also put it on any file sharing site there are 100 just then put a link they can dlownload, al long as it's not on your hosting (the file) it should not make it slower.

    I would not worry now about all that start selling then worry when things are really not working like having to many customers then you can solve them in the future now now.

    Good luck.

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    You can host the video files at Amazon. It's very cheap.

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Cloud Computing Services
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    Performance should not be an issue - it's streaming. So if a person has a slow connection, well then everything gonna be slow and they'll likely know so. Depending on your hosting service, most have unlimited plans for storage space unless we are talking the high hundreds of GB traffic. Like John stated, AWS is a good bet as well. If you are concerned about security on those links then go to bitly or do a professional internet marketer service like clickmeter, but bitly will suffice.
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    Why not package them separately and host on your server? The customers don't have to download it directly from youtube.

    Failing that... use Amazon's service as mentioned above.
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    you can put it in your dropbox
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    The youtube video you can download without any application. in this case you may use . when you will be use the download link,you need to put the url. If you can do it, there is no charge/ cost.
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