Make sure your Wordpress Themes are Mobile Optimized

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Hey Warriors, I wanted to share a screenshot for the analytics account for one of my Wordpress Sites.

As you can see, out of the 39000 visitors about 13000 was on from Mobile devices.

If your sites are not Mobile optimized then you are potentially losing a lot of sales.

The way I do it is to use Mobile Optimized wordpress themes.

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    Good advice, jan! When looking for a theme, the first thing to check is to make sure that the theme is 'responsive'.
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      Originally Posted by UMS View Post

      If you add in the tablet users, that's almost 50% of your traffic.
      Interesting that the tablet users are staying on the site the longest.

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        Originally Posted by jan roos View Post

        Interesting that the tablet users are staying on the site the longest.
        And have the lowest bounce rate.
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    It's good to see solid real world statistics confirming what people say about mobile usage, thanks.

    There are also a bunch of 'starter themes' that use Zurb's Foundation or Twitter's Bootstrap if you're trying to design your own responsive themes
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    Yep, this should be standard practice for anyone involved with online business.

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    Yes definitely, sites should be Responsive, these days. (by the way, for Newbies, "Responsive" means that it automatically changes format on different device sizes).

    There are plenty of free Responsive WordPress Themes, and free Responsive HTML templates, so plenty of good options to choose from.

    I recently wanted to use a particular free Responsive WordPress theme (which I had customized with my own header image and minor changes such as my links in the footer info) for a blog, but have HTML page for the rest of the website, and I needed the Html to look the same and have the same responsive behavior, so I hired someone on oDesk to do it. I didn't check it well enough before paying him and later found that it worked well on all browsers and all mobile devices, all except IE, which made the fonts look ugly, so I had to pay someone else to fix that as well ! So if you do anything like that, make sure you check everything fully before paying the worker, because they will typically try to do the least work for the money and not check things, etc.

    So yes, Responsive websites are a must . . . I am gradually getting around to converting all my old websites to be Responsive.

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    Yes, the site which is mobile friendly then its definitely help you to reach the potential mobile users and hence increase your sales as well.

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    I forgot to mention . . . when choosing or editing a Responsive Theme, you can do a quick test of how it looks on mobile devices, using one of the "free online mobile device emulators" (just Google that), so you can just see how it looks on a mobile phone, on your web-browser. You can also get some idea of how the theme changes as the screen gets smaller, just by making the web-browser window gradually smaller and you will see how the layout, font sizes, image sizes etc. will change.

    You also need to consider the Responsive behavior when designing images. For example, if you want a large image made of 3 smaller images, design it as the large version, then cut it into 3 separate images and have them in the web-page as separate images, that way if it is shown on a computer screen, the 3 images will be side-by-side as you designed them, but if shown on a phone they will be one by one vertically so they can still be seen well (instead of made much smaller if you put them in the webpage as one big image).

    Hope that helps

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  • I now load my new blogs after I create them on my android phone in a few browsers and surf around to make sure they work. Pretty much all the new themes (most) work fairly well on mobile.
    soon people... Relax...
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    Thanks for the tip. Responsive is the way to go. You guys can use this site to get a preview of your mobile site. I use it all the time,
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    Yes, SO many people surf internet via their mobile. So Now way.
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