Where to sell PHP website code template?

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Hi everyone, I'm an experienced coder, but new to selling code/websites (normally I develop code on a contract basis). Basically I have created the back-end part of a complex website. It is similar to some other websites which have raised many millions of dollars in funding, but I essentially want to sell my code as it handles all the technology/hard parts that these other sites got so much money for (I'm not looking for millions either). Buyer would have to write a new front end (I'm not a designer, my demo front-end is functional but ugly).

So my question: how can I sell this code? It's not really a website, as the valuable part is the back-end rather than the website part that users would see. Is there some online marketplace on which I could post a listing or is there some other way? Thanks.
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    The WP theme marketplaces. Some sell HTML templates
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      It's not really an HTML template, it's a bunch of PHP scripts that generate a website. I use the word template because it can basically have whatever front-end attached to it.
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      How about this alternative question: Let's say I developed facebook.com but the front-end was crap, so the main value was in the technology. Where could I sell it?
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    Did you try in the freelancing market place? As you are a web coder, there are many buyer is really waiting for you. every client wants to find expert freelancer, if you are really expert you can try in freelancing site.
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    It's a bit hard to sell code in my opinion, once I made an awesome 3D super fast and efficient video game engine, but even other coders would not take the time to read it and most could not appreciate it. The average buyers don't know good code from bad code, and if they could read it properly would no longer need to buy it

    If I were you, I would get a graphic designer to do the front end, and then make a mock website showing all the functions, with a purchase screen for a download of the website, all ready for people to add items to. I would also obfuscate the complex code, just so the average user, or entry level programmer would not copy it.

    Sell it as an all in one, ready to use web store. Or you could use some files directly from your website, and have them rent the store from you. Use Adwords to sell it, and maybe you can even get PayPal and various web hosts to promote it for you as they do many shopping carts. You could also have a free version with a backlink to your website and limit the number of products they can list.

    You could also use this page as a resume for your freelance services.

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      Thanks PBScott, I was afraid that might be the way to go. I might try to directly market it to some companies first then probably just make the site as you suggest.

      P.S. I used to work in the video games industry and I know how competitive the 3D engine market can be. It would be basically impossible to get someone to pay for a PC engine and the cost to target consoles was way too prohibitive for indie devs. I think things are probably a bit easier now with XBLA, etc. I remember when I had to recommend a 3D engine for my company's next game; I chose the powerful free one - but because it was free they thought it must be bad and paid a crapload for a dud.
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    1. ThemeForest

    2. Mojo Themes

    3. Sell them yourself on WSO or JVzoo

    4. Find a JV partner that is good with marketing so you can do what you do best....program and split profits.
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