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Yes, very annoying, boring, and probably the most fed up topic. Anyway, there is so much information about it, that I even don't know what to try and what is still working.
So my question is, do you know any books, articles and etc. that teaches how to do a PROPER market research, and what works now? I don't mind paying for it, if I need to. Thx
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    Hey Antis,

    I thought these guys had a pretty fair introduction to this topic.

    Free, too.

    (Not an aff link)

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    Originally Posted by antis View Post

    . . . there is so much information about it, that I even don't know what to try and what is still working


    I don't get it - you're saying you are fed up with all the info on this topic and complaining that there is "so much information about it" yet you're asking for additional books and more information on the subject?

    Everything you need is already right here on the forum. Search for "market research," "finding a niche" and other related topics and there are excellent threads and posts (for free) right here on the Warrior Forum.

    Here's a simple overview:
    • Inventory your skills, talents, education, past training, passions, hobbies, connections, life experiences, etc. Identify something you enjoy and that you already have an advantage in
    • Look at the online trends and activities in the subject - is it popular now? is it trending upward?
    • Do your keyword research and identify where there is demand and what sub-topics are being searched online
    • Check the competition that shows up in the SERPs and see what topics they're addressing, what products they're selling, where they do their advertising and marketing, whether they are growing, etc
    • Visit the online blogs, forums, chat rooms, groups, directories, portals, hubs, and authority sites in the sub markets to understand the field, who are the top players, what the hot in-demand products and services might be, etc. Participate in the discussions.
    • Do a simple demand analysis of the keyword phrases in the market to see what level of interest and the types of searches that might be going on - the purpose is to assess where there might be gaps or holes in the supply side of the market economy. You're looking for desires, wants, needs, and other demand that is not currently being met.
    • Are there ample niche gathering sites and community interaction places online for the passionate people in the market?
    • Verify your findings at places like Amazon, eBay,, Dummies, Kindle Books, NextMark, social media sites, etc. Are there books, magazines, lists, groups, etc based on the same market? You are verifying that there are active, engaged, passionate people that are willing to spend money in the market.
    • I would always conclude the research with a quick paid advertising test to gauge what kind of a response you might get. Make a quick valuable, niche related report and drive paid traffic to a squeeze page where you give it away in exchange for a contact email.
    Of course, there is no set-in-cement way to research a market. But if you stick with a topic you have an advantage in, one where there is good online demand, and one that offers opportunities because there are holes or gaps in the supply side, you will have an excellent start in identifying a potentially profitable market.

    The best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I have had the same question before and agree it is tough sometimes digging through all the dirt to get to a few jewels. Agree with Steve B that all you might need is on the forum and I have been spending time just getting myself familiar with all the different areas. I know it suck but keyword research has been the most powerful thing that I have come across so far. Best of Luck!
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    Steve B that's a really useful overview, and I especially like the part about being a part of the discussion within your target market. Anything you can do to get a better idea of who they are, what they like, what they want, and what problems they have or solutions you can provide for them, the better.
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    There are many ebook. you can search on the search engine. A ton of book will be in front of you. Beside this, if you are willing to pay, you can get the best one from the huge quantity of books.


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    Just go and surf an internet, you will find unlimited number of ebooks on search engines. Also you can join forums, watch youtube videos. I think this is pretty much enough for you to know much about how to go for market research or market analysis.

    Salma Ali

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    One of the best places to start is yourself. What do you buy? What are your interests, etc? Sometimes market research can be accurate, sometimes not. The question with market research upon coming to any conclusions, is can it be monetized? Ultimately, that is Internet marketing at a basic level. My two sense!
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