How Do you Make an interactive mindmap or presentation? HELP!

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So I LOVE mindmaps. I use them for everything. They do great for sparking creativity for me.

When I am creating a presentation I ALWAYS start with one. Then I usually have to convert it to a pdf or powerpoint or something LAME like that.

But I don't want to.

Is there a software (web, desktop... doesn't matter) that will allow me to brainstorm my presentation, add notes, embed AUDIO (a must) and VIDEO (optional) then able to easily share it with someone else WITHOUT them having to install the exact same software to make it work.

I have tried:

xMind - love it

imindmap - love it



And a few others and none seem to do what I want. When use the "share" option on xmind, it only exports the static mindmap. The audio clips are not playable for others.

Any suggestions would be awesome. thank you
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