Is the domain name worth the 9$ listing fee?

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Hi Guys,

Several days ago I registered a domain:
I posted the domain for sale on several big facebook groups of domain marketing but hadn't got any response so I doubt whether I should pay the 9$ to list the domain on flippa. Do you think it worth the listing fee?

Thanks for any advice.
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    Most people will tell you no. You'll be hard-pushed to flip it, that's for sure. Impossible to sell? No, but certainly a hard sell. If you don't mind me saying, you could do with researching more into what type of domains to flip.


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    I dont think Facebook group is a suitable place for domain sales, try, flippa for more interaction with real buyers who are looking the niche domain.
    Good day & good luck
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    Go get a auction membership at Godaddy. Its 4.99/year and you can list your domains there.
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    Flippa is far better and effective way to sell domain names compare to Facebook groups. So, In my view its worth to pay the listing fees.

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    Use the Facebook groups to direct people to your auctions/listings at Freemarket, Flippa, GoDaddy, Sedo, etc... .
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    selling domain names is not worth it cause after a year on renewal you yourself pay $15 fee atleast recover the renewal fee and some profit too
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      Originally Posted by veronicajacob View Post

      selling domain names is not worth it
      So, let's see: do you know something that all the Warriors who are making their full-time livings by selling domain-names don't know?

      Or do they all perhaps know something that you don't know??

      Originally Posted by asimovgxj View Post

      Do you think it worth the listing fee?
      It's not one for which I'd have paid reg-fee, myself - let alone a "listing fee"; but I hope you prove me wrong and that it turns out profitable for you.

      What matters, when selling domain-names, is your skill-level in indentifying, approaching and negotiating with the people whose own businesses predicate that the domain-names for sale may have artificial/additional value. If those people don't know that the domain-name is for sale, it makes no difference where the transaction is executed, so don't look at it in terms of "where to sell": that's pretty unimportant, in the overall scheme of things, compared with everything else about "domaining".

      Don't imagine that "the right people" are somehow, magically, going to see your "listing" and line up to make offers for it: unfortunately that isn't how selling domains works, at all.

      The reality is that the value of a domain-name is its registration-fee, and if you want people to pay you more than that for them, without them having proven income (and of course "traffic" isn't "income"), you need to find the people to whom they may be worth more, because one thing's for sure: each domain is only "worth" to you what you can sell it for.

      The art, and the money, lie in correctly identifying before buying them how easy that's going to be to do.

      If you want to learn about how to sell domain-names profitably, I strongly recommend that you start by getting yourself on this mailing-list: (Gene Pimentel is the person whose advice on the domain business you should value, respect and acquire. Might as well "start at the top". )

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