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by Aff242
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Hey guys,
I'm kind of new in the affiliate marketing, making my first steps with PPV ads and CPA.
I still have a lot of lack of information i'm trying to catch up with. One of the terms I just can't understand is "iFrame tracking".
I've been looking up for an explanation that I can understand and having a hard time finding one.
I'd be extremely grateful if someone could shed some light (:
Thank you!
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    It's a pixel (string of code), that you place inside of a CPA network (who then places it on the thank you page of the offer) that notifies your tracking service or advertising network when, and who converted on the offer.

    This basically allows you to track down to the details... who, on which device, on which keyword, ad, or landing page converted.

    Hope that helped
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    Thank you for you reply.
    I connect every campaign I run (from maxbounty, clickback ect.) to prosper 202 to get as much information as I can and track my URL's and conversions. As I understand, that is what "Prosper 202" is all about. If the tracking type is "Server-to-server tracking" and not "iFrame tracking", how is the information I receive different?
    Thank you again (:
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