Are there Analytics available for Amazon Products?

by AmoghG
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Greetings fellow IM'ers!

Been crusing the wealth of information here and pretty stoked about running my online business empire.

I'm planning to set up a niche WP powered blog focusing on Amazon products.

I was wondering if there is a site for tracking itemwise/departmentwise sales for Amazon products.

Something like cb-graph or cbanalytics for Amazon, that gives a snapshot view of bestsellers etc all at one place, with ability to sort by department, category, number of reviews, star ratings, and most importantly, by price.


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      I believe the above Amazon Analytics is for people using Amazon Marketing Services not for Amazon Associates, so I doubt it's what the OP is looking for.

      Unfortunately, to date I haven't found a good solution to get a handle on my Amazon sales. You can export the data from the standard Amazon sales reports and import them into third party programs and analyze them, but (1) this is annoying and (2) it's very imperfect. For instance, sometimes the same product, but in a different color, will have a different ASIN. If you want to know what products are your top sellers, you'd have to manually aggregate that data or somehow link your reports to the Amazon Advertising API to pull in the parent ASIN and group by that. You could also use the Amazon Advertising API to pull in data like the department/category, though you can't get the reviews or star ratings anymore through the API.

      The point is that what you want is possible, but at least as far as I can tell, it's not easy. And you pretty much have to build it yourself.
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