Newbie Story - After 2 months, I finally made my first $26.30!!!

by cloudchaser22 4 replies
web marketing for dummies by Jan Zimmerman: $24.99

WYSIWYG website designer: $197

host gator baby web domain: $19.96

internet marketing ebook w/ bonuses: $47

affiliate marketing ebook: $27

isnare: $59.95/Month

time spent working: 68 Days

The feeling you get when you make your first sale: Priceless

I never really used the internet to really browse or surf on the web or anything. I started out my internet marketing journey on July 1 of this year, reading an article that promised that you could be making $1000 dollars in a week doing of this stuff. Well, it's been 2 months and... I'm only $973.70 short, but I intend to get there one day.

When starting out, and especially when reading articles like that, you tend to have high hopes asking yourself "what if that was really true?" or "what if it was really that easy?" When things don't go your way, you start to lose that hope and wonder if that internet marketer that sold you that ebook or internet marketers in general are just full of baloney when they say things like that. You start to give up on yourself.

But don't! Even though it's not a lot of $, I'm living proof that with hard work, you can eventually reach your goal and start heading in the right direction.

Hope my story helps. Rock on newbies!!
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    Hi cloudchaser22,

    Congratulations on your very first sale! Totally agree with you with the feeling you get on your first sale as priceless - I was absolutely hysterical when I got mine.

    More to come, more to come!

    Thanks for sharing this, keeps me inspired to keep moving on!

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      The great thing about Internet Marketing is that things build over time. So it might have taken you two months to make $26.30. But, next thing you know, you'll be making more than that in a week, and then a day, and then maybe even an hour. But that's if you stay with it and don't give up.
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    awesome job. Oh and i know what product ur selling . tough market great job keep it up!
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      Originally Posted by Jakehyten View Post

      awesome job. Oh and i know what product ur selling . tough market great job keep it up!
      LOL.... ain't it cool how you can do that with CB products?...

      Bare Murkage.........

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