PLR articles in my blog?

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Hello warriors,
Is there any risk on my adsense account if i post PLR articles in my blog?
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    What do you mean "Is there any risk?"

    No, you won't be thrown in jail, asked to give up your firstborn, or singled out as a menace to society by the Internet police.

    The only risk I can imagine is that no one will want to come to or stay on your blog for any length of time.

    If you want to be able to sell something you're going to have to provide some quality content in a tightly defined niche where there are active buyers.

    If you can do that by making PLR your own (modifying it substantially) so that it is valuable and unique, then you will have a chance of attracting real live people and making some money. If you can't write you can pay others to write for you.


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    If your blog is predominant regurgitated PLR articles than you may risk some penalties for the site and who knows what else after.
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    If you just copy & paster the full content from PLR articles, I donot think its a good idea bacause the latest panda is making a negative affect to "thin & low quality content", so the copy that are widely used donor make sense, even for the reader as they already see it elsewhere. Its much better to invest time proving more value to the article, its worth!
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    Why be lazy and put PLR articles up? If you want to actually make money with IM then you will need to put some effort in.
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    I can't imagine it doing your ranking any favors.
    I think you should at least pony up the cash to get original, quality articles written.
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    Thanks for everyone of you for your help.
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    I think you can write your own content instead of posting plr articles on your blog. Your own written content will create more authority than plr's.
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