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Hi there,

I'm Vince Rivera and this is going to be a short one, I thought of sharing my little success for those that may benefit from it. This is not something new, but a friendly refresh. A little about myself, I am just an average person like you, I joined this forum about a month ago, with the intent of increasing my knowledge on how to make money online, I browsed the forum to look for information and at the end of the day I was determined that I can make it.

The next morning I asked myself; What do I have that I can offer so that I could start making some money, I thought about it and finally decided that I can maybe use my little Graphic Designing knowledge and see if I could have something to offer.

Okay so I now have a skill in mind, now I still have a problem, NOBODY knows me here! and I thought, Oh boy, It's gonna be super hard to get myself in front of about 800,000 members in this Forum not to menton that there are hundreds of user who is already establised in offering the same service that I have in mind. That thought bugged me for days! Believe me! So what did I do? Well, I ended up telling myself to just go and serve others first.

It's a crazy Idea really, that I end up going to the WAR ROOM, opened up a thread which says something like: FREE DESIGN SERVICE FOR ALL... after few minutes, my dreadful time came, the thread was flooded with replies asking about how can they avail of my offer... So that was it I found myself spending few days designing promotional materials for fellow warriors, they were happy about my work and I was too but I almost got tired of doing that until one day I received an email asking about a design project if I'm interested, then I replied, Heck Yes!

I was able to do my first project and then received another email then another email asking me to do something for them... and since then I was able to go from nobody to "somewhat" somebody. Below is a screenshot of my little Paypal Account, It's not something that I can really brag about but for me it is something that anyone can do, especially those who are starting out or even experienced Warriors.

The Bottom line is never let your fears or inadequacy take control of your life, you go get what you want even if it means having to jump up and down in the middle of 800,000 people or even millions of people... We all have our piece of the pie and it has our name on it. SERVING others first will benefit us in the long run; we will develop good relationship and having a business will be a lot easier.

Like I said this is nothing new but I hope it can inspire others too. There is no One Click riches, you need to work hard at the same time working smart. It may take days or weeks but when you act, IT WILL COME

Good luck guys,
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    Good for you Vince you took action and you Seen some success.

    P.S it will only grow from here If your persistent with it.

    Sounds like you found yourself à nice little gig to Keep you busy.
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    Thanks Jay,

    The little gig is slowly filling out my day, it's really about taking action!

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    Hey Vince, good job on your success... looks like you're off to a great start.

    If you had to share one thing you did that made it all possible, what would you recommend for the people out there wanting to do what you did as the ONE thing that really made a big difference for you?
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    Congratulations on the success. You did what we all should do...put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward with taking action.

    Do first, correct later. And even with that, it looks like you didn't have much to correct. Well done.
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    Great success, well done !

    If you (or anyone else) is interested in a similar way to get graphics work on freelance sites, this is what I did on oDesk . . . I looked for graphics jobs that I could do, and as soon as I found one I would actually do the work, then just add the word "demo" over it, or something like that . . . the one I did first was someone asking for a particular style logo, without saying what text they wanted so I just did "your logo here" in that style, and messaged it to them, and I got the job.

    Obviously you want to do this with jobs that don't take too long, and that you are sure you can do well. Finding work on the outsource sites is challenging, especially at first, because you haven't built up any reputation there, but with the above tip you can make a start . . . give better prices than others are doing when you first start and say that it's because you need to get good feedback, do a great job, and you'll rapidly build your reputation and those you work for are very likely to come back to you for more work.

    Unusual opportunity! CPA type offer (no selling), commissions $1k to $300k each time, in-person (US), phone or online. Click here for more details.
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    Thanks manr for that post. yes, you are right with what you said. it's just about helping others FIRST and the thinking about your career. People will build a connection with you immediately and see you as a respective, friendly, trustworthy person with which they can work together in the future. Thanks for telling this story. Keep inspiring others.

    To your success.


    Interested in partnering with an Internet Millionaire?

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      Originally Posted by Svensonia View Post

      Thanks manr for that post. yes, you are right with what you said. it's just about helping others FIRST and the thinking about your career. People will build a connection with you immediately and see you as a respective, friendly, trustworthy person with which they can work together in the future. Thanks for telling this story. Keep inspiring others.

      To your success.


      You're welcome Sven! so true that we all need to build connection with people. Most beginners go here thinking that all they can find here are people that they can milk money from. We have real people here with real problems... and if we can give a little bit of help them that would mean a lot.

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    Marketers like yourself makes my day man...

    Internet marketing is really disgustingly easy yet so many people refuse to study the basics and take action...

    Good on you for taking action! It will only get better from me! Trust
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    Congratulations. To be honest, $330 is not much for 3 weeks, not even for one a few days but your strategy is sound and it will help a lot of people who are just starting.
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    Good for you that you found success. You thought out of the box so to speak when others wouldn't have. Well done.

    Congrats on your small but very important success.
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    Congratulations Vince!

    Your post has a great lesson for the ones starting out. Most people want to make money from day 1 and the truth is that this is most likely not going to happen.

    You need to be willing to "work for free" at the beginning without seeing any results before getting rewarded.

    And this not only applies to making money but to anything in life.

    Thanks for sharing your success story and keep crushing it man
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    Congratulations man!

    Great example of giving to receive.

    Keep it up and best of luck to your future!
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      Hey Vince,
      That is really awesome. I love to have stories like this come into the Main Forum.

      Its truthful, provocative, mind provoking, and a motivational Post.

      It goes to show that taking Action sooner than later is what people starting out should focus on.

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    Give 80% of your time in helping then and take back 20% from your customers.

    Its like having a 10 min commercial in a 1 hr TV show. Networks are providing value of entertainment and they are making money from their advertisers.

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    Good Job Bro and More Success to you, thanks for sharing a great idea because it also gave me an Idea as well. Best Of Luck!
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    That is what happens when you take action. Unfortunately, most people acquire knowledge but do not take action and we know that even if you gain all the knowledge in the world without action nothing will come out of it.
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    WEEEEPA!!! Great way to build your client list. Happy for you
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    Congratulations. Keep working hard you should reap the benefits of your hard labor. We all need some inspiration. I love hearing these kind of stories.
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    Your determination is inspirational to all of us. Thanks for sharing! Continued good fortune in the future.
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