Spammy comments on wordpress....grrrr

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I keep getting random comments on wordpress posts, which I presume are just people trying to get back links. Most of them don't even make any sense though, e.g:

__________________________________________________ __________

Author : stmwpkmeypp (IP: ,
E-mail :
Whois : ARIN: WHOIS Database Search
aHygzn <a href="" rel="nofollow">yicjpaeogcwh</a>, hfqsvyqausrp, [link=]gidvazdmicec[/link],

__________________________________________________ ___________

I also keep getting emails from or similar.

Any advice much appreciated!

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    You should activate the AKISMET plugin and also set in your settings "moderate comments with at least 1 link".

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    Have you tried installing and configuring the Akismet plugin?

    Also, it's not really good to put someone's email and URL link in a public forum for everyone on the Internet to see.
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    another tactic is for people to post to your blog a random comment with no links like "hey, thanks for the helpful post" which you may approve, thereafter if your settings are to allow a user unmoderated comments after an approved post - guess what, they can litter you with spammy comments full of backlinks. stay sharp.
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    You're not inconveniencing them. I doubt they even use or check those email addresses. I get spam comments too. Sometimes with avatars of pretty girls.

    The first comment is usually innocent enough, then the second is a LAME attempt at selling viagra or whatever.

    I think it's kind of funny (as I have my settings to approve ALL comments). So sometimes, when I'm kind of feeling a little pissed... I just edit their comments to be something that is good for me.

    After a while, they either give up, or I block them.

    Also, I have done IP look ups for these type of spammers and the IP's are anonymous and show to come from all over the country or world. So, it's a pain, but oh well. Use it to your advantage and you suddenly have a pretty girl commenting nice things about your blog
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    The Cookies for Comments WP plugin is the bomb -
    Cookies For Comments

    Will cut all the robot spam down to like zero.

    Akismet drops some real comments into the Spam bucket, and I can't afford to keep pissing Andy Beard off when he comes by to comment on my blog.

    Dan Thies
    Glorious People's Link Liberation Front

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    You could install this plugin: simpleCAPTCHA

    It's cut spam to my blogs to zero.

    I used to get literally hundreds.
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      Originally Posted by Rezbi View Post

      You could install this plugin: simpleCAPTCHA

      It's cut spam to my blogs to zero.

      I used to get literally hundreds.

      Excellent plugin! I have to give it a try, but after that askimet won't have any more work to do
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  • It's alllll about Akismet. Also, moderate any comments that contain a link automatically.

    We would suggest that you minimize the hoops that commenters need to jump through in order to leave their thoughts. New users don't understand captchas, and they're not always obviously accessible.

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    I stick with Akismet and make sure I moderate all comments just to keep the scumbag spammers out. It takes virtually no time and keeps things looking good for real visitors which is all I'm concerned about.

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    Most likely just bots looking for some kind of form to fill out, doubt it's humans.

    I've had great luck with spam protection that few seem to talk about, though I am starting to see it more these days. I use a math question comment spam plugin. Asks something like: What is 4 + 6? Has worked very well for me so far.

    Some time back, some old sites I had, where I coded my own links/directory script, was getting hammered by spam and junk, added a math question and zero spam after wards.

    Course, some day they will probably figure it out, but works for now
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    I used to have a major problem with spam myself. On one of my blogs I had over 13k Spam comments, until I installed askinet. I have not used the cookies for comments plugin, but I think I will check it out. I hate catchas with a passion. They are hard as heck to read, and people using screen readers cannot use them. I like the idea of re-writing the comments. That is a unique approach.
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    There's a lot of Wordpress plugins you can use to block comment spamming on your blogs. Just do a Google search on them and you can find them.

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    Akismet has stopped tens of thousands of spam comments like that for me. But some time in the past few months, it started letting a dozen or two a week through. More moderation work, but it still blocks the majority of 'em.
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    Thanks very much for the there anyway i can block the emails e.g.

    I use windows mail on vista and FormToEmail on my website...
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    Moderate comments are the way to go. But I can tell you that you mail box will be full of comments. And you have to delete them after reading them. It could be such a waste of time.
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    Akismet is a real must have! Use it and also try a captcha. It gets annoying for people though...
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    ohhhh these spammy comments.. My blogs receive about 100 of them each and every day

    I guess I'll have to play with askimet
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