What Are You Using For Squeeze Pages?

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Hey Warriors,

Seems like the tools for this are constantly changing!
I looked at Epic and Opt-In Links, and both are having
major issues right now according to a lot of posts on this forum.

Can you share what you use and love and works?

Thank you!

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    I use Optimizepress 2 and have been using it since its first version. You can try leadpages as well. These are slightly expensive options. If you are short of money then I can send you some nice freebies that totally rock

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    I don't use squeeze pages, myself, Cyndi. I find that in all of the niches in which I've split-tested, I can build more valuable, more income-producing lists without them than with them, so they were actually costing me money, overall.

    For me, the most potentially valuable subscribers, who turn into the best buyers, tend to be people who won't opt in via squeeze pages.

    Post #29 of this thread (and the other posts linked to inside that one) explain it in much more detail: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...l#/post7939758

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    I currently use Lead Rocket Pro & Optimize Press 2.0

    Both are Wordpress plugins that sit nicely on your Dashboard for ease
    of use.

    O.P.2.0 is a more all round package whilst Lead Rocket only has the Squeeze
    Page function alone.

    Both are HUGE time savers for the none techies out there.

    I must say that the more I test out various funnels with O.P.2.0 the more I'm
    beginning to love this tool.

    The response rates you get from them on most traffic sources is pretty impressive
    to say the least.
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    I use LeadPages and for me it is the easiest way to build up high converting squeeze pages fast. You have more than 50 templates to choose from and the user interface is very simple and effective.

    You don't have to have technical skills or know about graphic design. If you want to check it out the link is LeadPages™ Software - Mobile Responsive Landing Page Generator

    Free 9-Day Bootcamp Training To Build Your Profitable Online Business!
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    List building for us is integrated with our content, blogs and various other web pages which are all designed today in Optimize Press 2. We also have squeeze pages for specific ad traffic which we also use OP2. After trying several options, we decided OP2 gave us the best overall set of tools, design ability and templates across our web properties...still haven't moved to them for membership sites, but that could happen down the road.

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    My webhost has a website builder, so i used their website builder to create my squeeze page. Very easy too. But alot of my pages look *ugly*. I like it that way though... converts well and doesn't scream "take that wallet out". Some people use Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Optimize Press, Wordpress, Leadpages, Wordstream, etc. They all work fine. Just use the one that you're most comfortable with.
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    Hi Cyndi,

    I recently bought Profit Builder from Sean Donahoe.

    It's a WP theme, and available as just a WP plugin.

    It's pretty amazing. Not too hard to learn how to use, and the results are spectacular.

    It builds squeeze pages in real-time. It comes with a whole bunch of templates.

    It can do way more than that....landing pages, whole website, etc.

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      Thanks! I've heard from several sources that Profit Builder was really good. I'm going to check it out.

      I've also used Lead Rocket with no problem. Very simple wordpress plugin for basic optin pages.
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    There's like a million different services out there right now for opt in and squeeze pages.. so it can be easy to get confused and overwhelmed..

    I have optimize press, but I use Lead Pages instead because it makes tracking your stats so much easier. They literally update in real-time and you can view your conversion rate for every single squeeze page at the same time.. it's powerful!

    I link it directly with my wordpress sites and my aweber account. Everything runs smoothly, and Lead Pages is always updating the best converting squeeze pages so users can keep up with the newest, and highest converting templates as they are tested by the professionals
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    I Use funnelkit, which is awesome

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