An easy way to control your links when marketing online

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I'm always reading on forums how people are losing their Clickbank accounts (such as through inactivity or hacking or simply forgetting the password). And, of course, the only option is to get a new Clickbank account.

And, that's what happens when you advertise online (groups/forums, etc) with just an affiliate link. If you lose the account, all your advertising/marketing is gone. And, then you're starting from scratch with promotion, running around trying to put out new ads/articles, promotions, etc.

For this reason, I use redirects from a subdomain off my main site (such as assigning an affiliate link to a specific subdomain to redirect to main affiliate so), so these links can be easily modified on a whim.

Not that it would ever happen, but if I ever lose access to any of my affiliate accounts, I can go into my control panel and change those links and redirect to the new affiliate link. In that way, I don't have to start my affiliate marketing efforts over for that specific product. All the links on every site/group/article that I've ever published linking to that product are instantly updated.

This idea also works if I decide that I no longer want to promote a specific product, that link can be salvaged and reused for a better one. This especially works when advertising in Facebook groups and forums (that allow links). This would even update your links on your Facebook page instantly.
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