Fellow Aweber Users - Can you customize pop-overs?

by Mad Dawg 9 replies
Hey guys,

I am setting up a popover on my website that will pop into the screen after a few seconds. I'm using Aweber for my autoresponder services and have a question about customization.

I see a lot of popovers, which I think look great, that fly in from the side and sort of crash land on the screen. Also, these popovers have customized borders and looks.

From what I see on Aweber, I can't customize the look of a popover, without losing tracking stats and making it inline with the text of the website.

Does anyone know how to customize Aweber pop-overs, or have an article link about it?

Also, if it is not possible, what service would you all recommend switching to? The popover I have right now is UGLY and I would not stay with Aweber if I can't change it.

Thanks warriors for your replies!

Mad Dawg
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