Where does the sale happen, landing page or offer?

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I believe the sale happens a lot of the time on the landing page (pre-sell page) before they get to the actual offer. It is also good to direct link to test what converts better. It's our job to persuade that the offer.

By using angles they can help convince a lead to take an action which is done on the ad and landing page because they can relate to the ad, even if the offer is general.

Eg) A general dating offer for men and women, but the angle is meet Asian women that like American men.

I've been studying landing pages and find them so powerful, but it is not taught very often.

Of course, a lead can be convinced to make a sale during the landing page, offer, and email follow up.

What are your thoughts? Where do you think the sale happens (once the prospect is convinced to buy or try an offer?
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