Have you succeed in IM by taking coach?

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Hello everyone!

Last time between my friends there is a lot more talk about coaches, because of that I want to make a legit topic about choosing IM coach for newbies.

Why I am doing that?
I have 1 IM income source, earned some money to reinvest it and I want to do it to desertificate my business. I want to do this by taking some serious IM coach.

So I want to participate in this topic only those people who made a successful IM business by taking coach and can write something about him and what he did for you...

I don't want suggestions by people who didn't take a coach like in other threads here on WF.

And also I don't want to listen that knowledge is everywhere online, that everything can be found etc. This is my decision, I want coach for faster and more guaranteed success.

Let's make a "Coaching testimonial" topic here and help people succeed.
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    Per forum rules, I don't believe names are allowed to be dropped; but I've had positive experiences and negative experiences with hiring a coach/consultant online.

    The key to making sure you pick the right person is making sure they are up front about everything, and have testimonials. I'm personally not a fan of hard selling, I've had people almost bully me into trying to buy something. Perhaps that works for some but was a huge turnoff for me, as if this person was to be my mentor, I did not want to be the type of person who was taught to bully others into buying from me. As I now know, there are much better ways to get sales.
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    that is true. make sure you have a good coach. i am going to tell you something and you can come back and thank me later. forget everything else for now and learn how to build a list. learn how to use sales funnels.
    you will make money!
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    Here's my experience:

    There are coaches who really know what they're doing and who can REALLY help you out...but they charge A LOT! I mean REALLY a LOT!

    Then there are those who just do some group coaching for a few couple bucks... that's been a waste of time for me because you don't really get a personalized plan of action and mindset help.

    Then there are coaches who REALLY REALLY care about people but are just a bit incompetent and they can't get into the head of their clients because frankly they lack the ability to do so.

    In my honest opinion the job of a coach is to get his student to REALLY buy in to what he's capable of! To remove his self-doubt and unconscious blocks, giving him a customized ACTION PLAN so that the student is able to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION with 100% Commitment without anything standing in his way.

    Basically to take his students up to his level, the level he needs to be on to achieve the same results as him.

    For example:

    I've been doing IM 4 years at some point and whatever I did.. I just couldn't move forward, the actions I've taken only lad to very mediocre results and I got into 5 figure debt too. Only until I've looked at my actions very closely I could find out some patterns that were preventing me from achieving my goals.

    I've always done things that seemed very comfortable.. I've done NOTHING with 100% commitment, I've always done a few things here and there but I never began a project and finished it till the very end.

    Suddenly when I wanted to really start something BIG, I just couldn't take the action or I couldn't believe it is possible to make A TON OF MONEY doing what I was doing...

    So I basically got a coach that told me what do do.. I was about to pay $10000 to him for 10 months or group coaching and a few one-on-one sessions once a week.

    He was very genuine and REALLY wanted to help people.. but he didn't understand that whole thing and what MASSIVE doubt have been in my mind...

    He gave me an action plan and all that but I didn't believe in it.. I wasn't able to take action on it.. and he couldn't not help me address that thing..

    Basically after one month I haven't made a single dime and I couldn't pay him anymore...

    Frustrated I went on not taking action for 2 other months...

    Then I decided to get another coach... scraped up all the money that was left because there were a lot of very emotional reviews from his clients and since I've struggled so hard I though that I'll give it a last chance..

    Well I've paid him $2000 for a month.. it's been one coaching call..

    Everything changed from there.. He could instantly see what was missing, what was needed and gave me a customized action plan based on my strengths and addressed all objections so there was no doubt about whether I would be successful or not... whether it would work wasn't the question..

    if it doesn't work you just tweak a few things here and change some stuff up.. but I could finally see what's been missing and now I can say that I'm pretty happy with my financial situation... I mean.. pretty DAMN happy and I am still paying my coach...

    I've also noticed that a REAL coach won't just let you sign up for coaching.. he's choosing very strictly who he's going to work with because he only wants to work with people who are serious about making a change in their lives, the burning desire has to be there first.. you need to have some powerful motivators first otherwise it will be a pain in the ass to hold someone accountable.
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    I've had a few coaches before and the one reason I chose to get a couch is for motivation
    If you're already motivated then I don't think you'd need one that much
    If you're not however, then sure, go with one, they've helped me a lot reach my goals.

    One thing to keep in mind is to choose the right coach, if you end up with a bad one that might affect you a lot
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    Since I've took on coaching I've never looked back, I've made money online before coaching but now I'm making it consistently.

    Best of luck!
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    Wow people, thanks a lot for honest answers! And I want to tell you I feel you especially @Badassbro
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    If anyone else have some suggestion let us know
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    Originally Posted by dodinda View Post

    And also I don't want to listen that knowledge is everywhere online, that everything can be found etc. This is my decision, I want coach for faster and more guaranteed success.
    I have a coach and she is awesome.

    HOWEVER, I think you're a bit misguided based on your comments above.

    Successful online marketing is all about focusing on the FUNDAMENTALS and repeating them over and over again. Fundamentals like:

    1. Focus on 1 niche and target market.

    2. Build a list of targeted prospects who are interested and qualified in what you have to offer

    3. Structure a very simple sales funnel to start: have one main product offering, a low-cost intro offer to get them buying ($7-$20), and one high-priced product to offer as an upsell.

    4. Stay in touch regularly and offer VALUE to your list: create videos and/or write articles. BE CONSISTENT!

    5. Have a social media presence.


    A coach will help guide you through the specifics of this, help you when you get stuck and help you work through the mental blocks you'll encounter. But these basics are called fundamentals for a reason: they're necessary and don't change.

    The "secret" is that there is no secret. Having a coach is super helpful, but there's no super secret you'll get just because you hired a coach.

    And there are no guarantees.

    "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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  • Pretty simple. You make sure your prospect coach has lots of testimonials and proof before investing.

    Also you should have the right mindset of submitting yourself to your coach so that your learning will be smooth.

    A coach doesnt guarantee success, nothing does.

    But your mindset, hardwork and consistency will always be the key to succeeding.

    Need a Coach to generate leads and TRIPLE your online business income?
    Let me Inspire and Empower You!
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    There seems to be a "coaching" craze here right now. It used to be that the idea of getting a coach was derided around here...

    For everyone considering getting a coach, a word of advice:

    If you're just starting out, it's better to buy a training product like Product Launch Formula or something like it which comes with some Q&A for coaching.

    Good coaches are VERY expensive and charge the most for their 1-on-1 time. You need a solid foundation first before investing at that level.

    They can only teach you so much in an hour of time. A training program will provide dozens and dozens of hours of training for a MUCH lower cost per hour. PLF is only $2K and contains dozen and dozens of hours of training.

    Once you have that under your belt, THEN invest in higher-level one-on-one or group coaching.

    This is a much smarter investment of your time and money. If you're starting from scratch and investing in only one-on-one coaching, you're seriously wasting time and money, even if you can afford it. A coach can only cover so much material at one time. And no matter how you learn, you WILL have questions and get stuck at different points

    So it's better to invest in a training program first, learn the material and then use coaching to get your questions answered and get help where you're stuck. That is the best use of your time and money.

    Hope that makes sense!

    "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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    I would caution against finding a coach through recommendations on this forum. Many people who post here have a long running love affair with fake gurus. The names of these fake gurus get dropped all over this forum all the time. It's beyond ridiculous.
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