Will this affiliate model work.

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From what I have learned in niche marketing it is better to narrow the niche as much as possible to get a targeted audience BUT...... I was wondering if the following model is viable.

If I have created a website which is generally about SPORT ( Major niche ). Then within this site there is a section for BASKETBALL ( Next Level ). Within this section is a (Tips for Playing Basketball). Then within this will be targeted terms like " best three point techniques ".

ie I want one large site that will have sections that target markets within each sport. The site will become an authority in each field.

I understand the massive amount of work in this and my question is not about the workload but more about is this a model that will work with regards to Internet Marketing.

Hope my question is clear.

Thanks in advance
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    If you can find the people to market to, then you should pursue the niche. I personally wouldn't undertake a *big* website task such as this, but if this is what you want to do - then do it. I'm not here to stop you. But the sub-sections of your site sounds like things that you can sell products around. Will you promote affiliate products or your own info-products?

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    I want one large site that will have sections that target markets within each sport.
    Start with one specific sport and if you make that successful, add more.
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    You are on the right track.

    There was a thin niche site craze 8-10 years ago, but the wheels fell off that from 2008-2010 as Google countered the practice. In today's environment you need to throw as much quality content on the wall as you can and see what sticks in social media.
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    I did exactly that in a different big niche (not sport), but found that in reality the results are better by doing the same content on a lot of small tightly-focused websites, than that same content all on one large site. The reason being that Google likes relevance, so will give you more traffic if you make sites that are more specific.

    Obviously, this means buying more domains. A hybrid approach between the two is to start with the big domain, and put up some content for each of the different sub-areas, then for a sub-area that is doing the best, move it onto its own specific site (and redirect there from the original location) to get more money for the same content.

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