How many Articles did it take for that first sale- For all those Article Marketers Out There

by misterwrecker 24 replies
As I have I have mentioned before I have recently started article marketing and I think I have all the basics down. My question is how many articles did it take for you to start making sales with this method. I know there is obviously no definitive answer to this question and everyone will experience something different. One may get a sale from their first article and someone else may take 50-100 articles to see any results. It also depends on how aggressive you are in the whole process, the actions you take after that articles is submitted, the quality of your article, etc. I know I cannot base my results against what others have done so this question is asked out of curiosity.
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    Well it took me two weeks to get a first sale and I was submitting 4-5 articles/day. So technically, I had submitted some 50+ articles before the first sale.

    BUT, that doesn't really tell the whole story since most of these articles would end up yielding sales over the long-term. Plus, it really took off as I got many of these articles to get indexed on Google's first page.

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    Five articles.
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      Took me about 25 articles to see my first sale. But, like others i was submitting about 5 per day.

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    Took me about 10 when I first started article marketing 3 years ago. It helps to know a little basic SEO, mainly for keyword selection.

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    It took me about 30 artilces when I started about a year ago.
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    I got a few sales from the first two articles I ever posted to EZA. There was probably a bit of luck in there for me as a newbie though
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    I am still waiting for my first sale from an article. How ever I do not drive many of my articles to the actual sales page. I send them to my blog first to read more. Which my blog has adsense on it so even if they do not buy anything I have a chance at making something off that person visiting since the ads are related to the site and what they where looking for in the first place.
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    I got 14 sales from my first article itself.
    But that was in September 08. has became very strict and it has become very difficult to make easy sales now.
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      Originally Posted by JAIDEEP2959 View Post

      I got 14 sales from my first article itself.
      But that was in September 08. has became very strict and it has become very difficult to make easy sales now.
      very strict is an understatement for eza they sent me 5 or six emails in one day twice now and one of them bounced from my gmail and i was suspended there because of a bounced email. I fixed it the first time by changing my email i initially started with there to another gmail account. And they did the same thing again. Sending me 6 or more at one time and one bounces. I have sence then contacted them 3 times on this with out a single reply back other then the auto reply
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    The only thing that is important is how many articles it took YOU for YOU to make a sale!

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    That is VERY important to me Tom but the question is about curiosity not importance.
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      Originally Posted by misterwrecker View Post

      That is VERY important to me Tom but the question is about curiosity not importance.
      It's like the OWL in the lollipop commercial. How many licks does it take? Some nail it first shot while some take 20 or more. It is a meaningless benchmark because it does not apply to you. See? Curiosity is not a bad thing, though...

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        Originally Posted by tommygadget View Post

        It is a meaningless benchmark because it does not apply to you.
        Exactly what I was going to say.

        What is the point of knowing when it is meaningless as Tom has said?

        There are so many variables that need to be known from each of the people who have replied that it is a waste of your time to even read through them.

        If I write an article titled: "Where To Buy A Samsung 40'' T.V. Right Now" and someone reads that they are more than likely ready to pull out there credit card and buy the t.v.

        On the other hand, if my article is:"Will Your 40'' T.V. Blind Your Children"?
        It could take 100 articles of that nature before someone buys the ebook "How To Keep Your Kids From Going Blind".

        Or, someone could be reading a post at a forum for parents and makes a post stating that they are afraid their child is going blind and another poster sends them to my article and after reading buys the book.

        It could have sold from the first view or the hundredth. Without tracking and understanding where your traffic is coming from and what you expect them to do when they get there, in other words testing, one would really never understand what to do with that information.

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    My very first article got me a $7 sale! It kept on making me some odd sales each week but then, I got involved in better things than article marketing.

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      Originally Posted by moqaddasshero View Post

      some times,ur articles can b sold very soon,,,

      u must also sale some articles free of cost 2 get customers intrested 2 u..

      it depends,wat type of articles r u selling??

      content shud b common n attractive
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        I have always used articles for backlinks. Now I know that was a really bad move.

        In the last three weeks I have submitted three articles to try and sell products. The first article averages about three sales a week. The second article hasn't sold anything yet, and the third article is producing one sale per week from a high commission product.

        Do I ever feel stupid for waiting so long to sell products via articles!
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    Come on Tommy... I said in my post that I am not looking to base my experiences against others.....This is just a light hearted post if you do not want to share your answer to the questions I understand.
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    Thanks for the input Matt but this is just a simple question that has a simple answer. Like if you ask someone, "Who won the Superbowl" By knowing the answer is not going to change your life or affect you in any way, shape, or form. (Unless you have money on the game of course.) This is not one of those spammer posts that asks, "Can I make a million dollars online this year without doing any work?"
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    My first article published online in 2004, which brought in over 7k.... however as mentioned above, this won't help much except you're just planning to give yourself a mind boost for your efforts.

    Here's what I did right then... in 2004

    - I picked up on a hot subject at the time, and based my article on that
    - made sure it was properly written to add value.... got all the facts, refernces etc
    - Submitted to only 3 top targeted directories, not general directories
    - Called my readers to action in the resource box and my landing page was a continuation of the article, as I knew my readers mindset was already set on that topic.
    - The continuation on my landing page was more direct in selling them to register for my service to investigate further
    - and then they were in the funnel

    .... cheers
    Don't Google it... ASK Edward
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