Happy Birthday Google

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What a success story. Ten years ago two young Stanford grad students launched a business from a garage that is now worth 150 Billion bucks.

They named this new company Google after the math term 'googol' which equals 1 followed by 100 zeros. The established corporate world considers 10 year old Google a baby. Some baby. This 'baby' started with 10,000 daily searches 10 yrs ago and last July hit 235 million daily. Grabbing about 70% of all online searches.

This baby Google started with two young guys and has grown to 20,000 worldwide. Larry and Brin are both 35 and each has net worth over 19 Billion.

Some of you young warriors may not remember anything that is BG. (before Google) So many things we take for granted now were not possible BG. Take Google Mail for instance.

Someone willing to freely give us an email service with a GIG worth of storage, etc, was un heard of. Google does that thousands of times monthly for thousands online today. In fact, this was so notable that some were calling it a ' hoax ' in some online circles. Maybe Google launching this great Gmail service on April 1 confused them !!

This is AG time now. (after Google) Happy Birthday Google.

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    Interesting stuff to know =D

    Happy Birthday Google!
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