Who's the best coach in article writing?

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Hi warriors,
My daughter, who's a BS Literature graduate, is leaving her job soon. She wants to take up her masteral degree and at the same time work as a freelance writer. I encouraged her to write articles and ebooks for Internet marketers and she's very interested. The problem is, she has very limited experience in writing contents and reports for web pages as her writing is more geared on technical and educational areas. Can you suggest a good coach or online course that will teach her effective article writing specifically for web contents? Your suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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    With her background she should start looking at technical writing for software makers first before marketers.

    Marketers are paying very little for cheap writers and PLR. The people who are willing to pay well for better quality content already have their "trusted" writers.

    She should look at Elance and other freelance spots to see what tech writers are getting paid.

    Also, I read a book by Robert Bly "Getting Started as a Freelance Writer" and in it he states that trade magazines, off and online, pay very well.

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      Hi Matthew,
      Thanks so much for your advice. I'll certainly consider that very seriously.

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        Fellow warrior Jenn Dize has an excellent ghostwriting course to get your daughter started. Send her a pm, or check out her site here http://powerghostwriting.com . She's also building up a stable of writers at the moment, it's either in the wso or the classifieds forums. All your daughter need do is complete her application and see how she goes, with her qualifications though, I'm sure Jenn would love to have her on board.

        She should also set up a WP blog detailing her services and post a press release on some pr sites, she'll get work in no time.

        Get her on the WF, build up her posts and offer her services here, there are loads of warriors who would give her a start, without ripping her off. She could offer her first 5 or 10 articles for free in exchange for testimonials.
        She just needs to ask the client as many questions as possible to make sure she understands exactly what they need and then delivers on that brief.

        Best of luck,

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    Yea - Jenn is a class act! Also look for Ugur Akinci - he's an awesome technical writer.
    Every day I check the obituaries. If I don't see my name there, then I know it's going to be a good day!
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    Shay also used to do some coaching but she's vanished.

    siggy taking a break...

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      Hi guys,
      Thanks for all your suggestions. I really appreciate it.

      Sissy - I'll get in touch with Jenn Dize asap. Thanks so much for your kind advice and suggestions. I'm sure my daughter will be delighted when I show her this thread tonight.

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        Originally Posted by henrysy View Post

        Hi guys,
        Thanks for all your suggestions. I really appreciate it.

        Sissy - I'll get in touch with Jenn Dize asap. Thanks so much for your kind advice and suggestions. I'm sure my daughter will be delighted when I show her this thread tonight.

        You're more than welcome Henry.
        If your daughter's off to study at Masters level, then her writing abilities will shine on the internet.
        As with most things in life, it's really her confidence she needs to build up in order to succeed. Us writers can be an insecure lot, so make sure she keeps a file of really BAD writing that's been published, both online and offline, to give herself a boost every now and then whilst she's starting off.
        I'm sure she'll be refusing work in no time.

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    Hi Henry,

    You could get your daughter to check out Jenn Dize's free ghostwriting report here.

    For coaching from someone who is a professional writer offline as well as online you could point her towards Bev Clements who is running a WSO for people looking to run a writing business. Here's Bev's WSO.

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  • Contact Warrior Bev Clement. She is, far and away, the best coach for those who want to do ghostwriting. That's because she also teaches her coaching clients how to plan their business and execute it according to sound business principles.

    I can personally vouch for her -- she taught me everything I know about business planning for an online business.
    "The will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win." -- misquoting Coach Vince Lombardi
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    Two warriors come to mind for freelance writing:

    I would recommend Bev Clement if she is still running her coaching program. She knows her stuff on freelance writing better than anyone I know.

    Also, Brian McElroy has a series of great products on freelance writing, and he covers article writing in some of them, check him out too.

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    She can also study the top authors at ezinearticles as well as the articles in the most viewed in 90 days section. This will enable her to see what their standards are as she may be writing for marketers who want to submit articles there.

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    Hi Henry,

    If I understand you correctly, your daughter is interested in article writing - correct?

    While my reply in no way takes away from Bev Clement, whom I highly recommend or Jean Dize, whom I don't know only by reputation, I'd like to offer an additional option.

    First I'd also like to recommend Bev Clement. She's sharp and a good person who will nonetheless tell you like it is.

    While this may be more of an end around - she might try my favorite method - the school of hard knocks.

    This said, I'll also suggest joining Al Graves paid article directory Exclusive Article Marketing Community. I think he's still offering his handbook as a bonus to joining. Plus he'll tell you why your articles are declined (should that EVER happen :-). And I think he'd offer some personal help without a big expense if you got stuck.

    Al is another straight shooter who can help you write marketable articles. Bev is also a great help and she'll show you how to treat your writing like a business.

    God bless,

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      Google "Sean Mize": Internet Marketing
      (not an aff link)
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        Hi Bev:
        Thank you very much for your reply. Your great advice as well as all the others' who responded are very much appreciated and in which I am deeply grateful. I'm sure my daughter will love her new career as a ghostwriter after she gets her training.

        Actually, she was reluctant at first when I suggested this route to her because her first job right after graduating from college was to work as one of the researchers/writers in an outsourcing company here in the Philippines. They provide research and writing services to students overseas for their school reports, thesis, assignments, projects, etc. and she just hated her job. She quit after a few months because she said she refused to be an instrument to lazy students who graduate from their respective courses not because they worked hard for it but rather because they have the money to pay other people to do their assignments. I don't blame her because she really studied very hard while in college and was greatly rewarded when she graduated magna cum laude in her class.

        Thanks once again and God bless.

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    A friend of mine went from working as a writer for a newspaper (which pays awful) to becoming a technical writer. He loves what he does and says technical writing can pay very well because so few people are willing to try it or even know about it and few are good at it.
    Good luck to your daughter.
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    There is more money in entrepreneurial writing than in writing for someone else as some form of a contract writer. By "entrepreneurial" I mean creating work out of thin air rather than chasing down jobs which only pay small amounts.

    Here is a specific example of how this could work for your daughter. Let's use Clickbank as a platform for this technique. Help your daughter go through, let's say the Marketing & Ads category, and find a major product vendor with a history of launching a new product every 6 months or so. Purchase their last program and download the PDF files. Print them out. Let's say there are 120 pages.

    Then print out their sales page for the product. Keep in mind that the big dogs may shell out several thousand dollars for a top copywriter to create their sales page. They have an affiliate manager. They pay a designer to design their sales page. They may have paid programmers to develop software to include with their product. My point is that the g-u-r-u-s spend many, many thousands of dollars on their product launches.

    The problem is that virtually every e-book your buy is rife with errors in grammar, word usage, syntax, punctuation, and yes--even spelling. Additionally, their sales pages are often punctuated (no pun intended) with similar errors.

    I would have your daughter crawl viciously and unmercifully though both the sales page and the PDF files she printed out and correct every single error with a red pencil. I would then go to an office supply store or quick print shop and have the material spiral bound with an attractive color cover, a clear acetate front cover and a black vinyl back cover. It will look very professional.

    Doing this would make the vendor take notice. She could offer to proof read their next sales page and PDF files for say $200. This would be a very small percentage of the total cost to the vendor of getting their product to market. After she got a few testimonials from satisfied, well-known clients--there are literally hundreds of prospective clients right in front of her at Clickbank.

    A real go-getter could do several of these projects a week. The quintessential hustler could conceivable do one a day. One-thousand to two-thousand dollars a week isn't chump change for a young person in college. Those who say this couldn't be done have never tried it. Think outside the box, take chances, live at the edge of chaos--that's where all the cool stuff is waiting patiently to be discovered.

    A thought--but one with potential.

    I'll help you create a reputation-building evergreen product in any niche and launch it successfully!
    Check it out here.

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      Originally Posted by chukwuma View Post

      Jenn Dize and Bev Clement
      Ditto on this. Both have excellent reputations.
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