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Dear Warrior's,

Appreciate any advice... I've been doing affiliate marketing for sometime and at the beginning of this year I decided to automate the stuff I was doing given my software development background... Today this has now led to the creation of an online subscription based service which I'm now trying to get off the ground...

I figured the best way to launch this would first be to do a pre-launch in order to raise awareness and to get folks to signup to a email list so that on launch day there is some active interest... In parallel this allows me to do some final setup and testing so that I can be sure it all works... I'm also thinking on the launch to keep it small with keeping the numbers restricted so that I can get user feedback, iterate the development and then scale it up...

Okay enough of the ramblings... I really need some experienced advice on how to approach this with raising awareness and getting folks interested...

I was thinking WSO/affiliate marketing beyond the actual launch... But for now I just want to solicit and build a list of interested persons...

Finally I'm tempted to just post my website link and say go check it out on forums etc... But suspect that's going upset some people and is not the right approach as it can be seen as self promotion etc... So appreciate that any advice given can stand up to such scrutiny...

Many Thanks in Advance,


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    You definitely need some good affiliates in my opinion because they will give you the awareness and income you long for. I launched one product recently but sold less than 10 copies b/c very few affiliates with few lists joined me.
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      Awledd - That's a good point... Ive been thinking how and where to find such affiliates for the pre-launch phase with JV approach in mind... Like you said it needs to be quality of affiliates and hence not quantity... Thanks for sharing your experiences and very much hope it goes well the next time you launch your product!
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    Hi there Sid!,

    Congrats for your upcoming launch!

    One thing you need to think about is:

    JV Partners.
    You need to make sure that your product will reach the largest amount of audience as possible, and you cannot do this alone. That's why you need JV partners to work with you. Now you need to find them, you need to build relationship with them and of course you need to be willing to reciprocate in promoting their future products as well.

    Why not try to look around and research some marketers or product creators that have been involved in softwares or whatever your product is all about, give them review access, think of ways on how you could reach out and help them first, always give give give first to these guys because you need their help. Talk to them and ask about any suggestions from them on how you could somehow work out something to benefit the both of you.

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      Firstly i will like to congratulate your for your product launching. The first point i will advice you is to contact top influential affiliates marketers and bloggers online, by letting them review your product and also get them discount price to sell to their readers and their mailing list and the second point is that you should place your product on marketplace of affiliates commission site online such as JV, Sharesale, Clickbank and many others.
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      Hi Vince, Olayinka00, Appreciate that... I've kind of formed a shortlist of potential people whom could help, however it just feels that there are too busy running successful blogs and get tons of emails and are big names in their own rights... So even getting them to read your message seems like a task... Suffice to say its worth a try so will give it ago as part of my forming plan!
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    I used to chase affiliate around trying to get them to promote my product but if I had to start again I wouldn't do it.

    These people are just inundated with daily emails like this.

    Instead I would just focus on my sales page, my funnels and make sure that my products convert, EPCs are high. They will come. As much as people hate to admit it, it's the only metric that most affiliates care about. Similar to attracting investors instead of going out chasing them.

    I think the pre-launch list building is a great idea because it not only gauges demand it allows you to have highly targeted traffic on launch day, hence increasing the EPC, attracting affiliates, and it's a snowball effect from there.

    Hope this helps
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    I've seen many pre-product launch websites that have a timer, counting down to actual launch along with a video of the product (or hinting at what the product/service will do). This type of site (along with an email subscription box), works well as you can hype the product and get excitement going about what's coming next. If you have this type of page on your site that you can send people to from forums, that won't be a bad thing as you will be building momentum for the impending launch and capturing names for your list.
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      Naidyphoon, thanks for chipping in... Indeed your comments kinda reflects how I feel on whether its worth it or not to chase affiliates... Still mulling over it ;-) But you're right that all of the moving parts need's to be put into place...

      Jeffery - You've hit the nail on the head... That is exactly how my website looks right now with the pre-launch.. Timer, video, description and optin etc... Only thing is how to promote this effectively.... As an example I'm tempted to put out a WSO before the launch... the other thing is that I don't t want to get in trouble on forums with posting my link directly due to self promotional issues and perhaps upsetting people given that in most cases its pushing the rules to post such links...
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