Sold a website with 2000$, now no one buys anything.

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Have always loved the community and help I get here.

So few months ago I sold a e-mail marketing website with 2000$. So, I was like wow, that is awesome.

What did I naturally do?

Welll, I made 10 of them...

But I am really missing something since nobody buys it even with dam freaking 145$.

Please give me advice on how to do it better:

Best wishes,

Fellow Warrior
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    Yes, I see what you mean... maybe because the first one showed some proof of targeted visitors? With a low bounce rate etc.. ?

    And maybe you got very, very lucky with the first one, really, making 2k withouth income proof is a one trick poney...believe me.
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    The first thing that stood out for me is that the advertised site has made zero dollars! If I was you I would say that this is based on a previous model which you sold and it achieved these numbers of sales etc...

    BTW - Looks like you're using sendy for the setup - a very cool AR in any case ;-)

    Good luck with it! I'm sure you gonna find some more interest! How about doing it as a WSO?
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    One of the things I do is buy and sell domains and develop websites for profit or to resell.

    When I look at your listing, I'm instantly put off.

    This passage jumps out at me:

    "Quite frankly, I need to tell you this: I have not gotten clients for this business. It is a newly built business that has made $0 for me so far."

    You have to get into the mindset of someone like myself; your target audience.

    I want:

    A). A Great domain name, or
    B). A great set of income stats.

    That's your problem, buddy.


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    Have you thought about holding on to the site for three to six months, investing in it, building up a customer base so that the site becomes "established?" Obviously, as you know, a website with an established customer base and proof of income stands a better chance of being sold for a profit.

    Best regards,


    Jon Sylvia
    Real Website Visitors

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    You sold one already for $2,000 and then the others like it will not sell for even $145. Is this correct?
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    You do it better by creating unique sites rather than cloning a site a million times and expecting people to keep buying them. I always look at the seller's history and see what he has sold and if he's just cloning a bunch of worthless starter sites, I move on. It worked once. That doesn't mean that it will work 10 more times.
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    Are the others websites you made profitable. It would be hard to sell a website if there was no proof of profitability.
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    Agree with investing some in site and getting some results before trying to flip it. Also like the idea of referring to other success as a building block. Who is your target audience for these sites? Newbies?
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    No one is going to buy a website from you that is not getting any traffic or making any sales.

    Maybe you should just build these sites for yourself and keep them for future residual results that can pay off big for you in the years to come.
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    Sometimes we got lucky in selling the domain for higher price then expected. But, at times we have to sell it lower than usual. It is tricky. Add some more income opportunity pictures and real traffic data to get any more bids.
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    You were damn lucky your first time out. Few will buy a website without earnings. You made money with your first site if I read this right. Get your new sites earning and then find someone to write you a GOOD listing/sales letter. Yours sucks. Sorry, but I had to say it.

    Re-list them, one by one and sell them WITH EARNINGS AND TRAFFIC.

    Tim Pears

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    I gotta agree, you got luck with the first one that was pretty much it, you are using clone script to create this site, the first one got sold ( the buyer maybe wasn't even aware that it is script. now that you try it again, it is really easy to check your previous listing on flippa or even search on flippa to see it is clone.

    Even the design of them give it away. Most clone sites that doesn't make money wouldn't get sold for higher than $100 on flippa, the first time u simply got lucky, you may want to try to do something different
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    I would say to make sure you get it established 1st 2 as the only way I would pay that much for a website is if it was already making sales & had a good amount of traffic that would help me make a good profit back over time


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