Facebook ads with Fiverr services?

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Has anyone tried to promote their Fiverr services through Facebook ads?

Have you experienced any success or it just doesnt work?
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    Why would you spend advertising dollars on something that can only make $4/sale!? Or even $16 if you had a bunch of little add-ons, which wouldn't sell. Either way, that's a terrible investment. Spend your ad budget on something with a greater ROI.
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    Full disclosure: I haven't used FB to promote Fiverr gigs. However, if I were going to, I'd set up a FB page about my gigs and run ads promoting the fanpage. I wouldn't run them direct to the gigs unless I could make $2 for every $1 spent. It's possible but totally depends on the conversion and volume of your gigs.
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    Advertising a Fiverr gig on FB is possible, you have to learn to profile and target an audience, and how to design an appealing display ad. However, this only makes sense if you have a Profile level 2 or 3 and the labor intensive nature of the gig.
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    You would spend to much on FB then you would make on Fiverr...

    The only way round it is to charge more for a Fiverr service... Advertise your website which does Logo design for £50, when someone buys it, you get the service from fiverr for $5... Thats $45, then just take of ad budget...
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