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Hello warriors,

I have been out of the internet marketing world due to life happening. I was wondering if some of you can give me some good pointers into the start of a new business. (i.e capture pages, blogs, email marketing etc)

I was thinking about blogging or capturing emails via a opt in page. I would just like some advice. Also, the niche i want to be in is "dinner recipes" or something of that sort.

Thanks for your feedback ahead of time.
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    Well its no secret anymore that the money is in the list...

    I would suggest sticking at your idea until your happy with it, it seems good and if there are products to promote within your niche then you will be laughing

    Depending how long ago you last was on the IM side of things but it may be worth check googles new algorithms....
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    Thanks. Are blogs still worthwhile to start.

    Clowns are scary!

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    You need to setup your blog and work with consistency on contents.
    All the best you can do to make it profitable is to share it as much as you can.

    Setup a weekly marketing plan, copy from profitable blogger.

    Check out August Traffic and Income Report I think you should copy all the strategy they use. Maybe write them and ask some questions. Their monthly income seems interesting I am sure that you can get some great advice.
    Learn how to start a Blog in less than 5 minutes? Check it now!

    Improve your selling with the right email signature

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    "Back at it again" If you ware in the this field in the past. You may give up this work, but you never give up the method of working. So you know everything. if you are expert in writing, you can start working by writing.

    Happy mood

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