Does Google Favour Older Domains

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Just wondered whether Google does actually favour older domains in terms of Internet marketing and SEO or whether that is in fact another myth?
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    In a certain degree yes....

    BUT there are plenty of other factors you should research about, Getting a Aged domain name will not mean to will rank above everyone else with ease, you will still need hard work to get top rankings...
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    If the aged domain has no history and has never been used actively then its safe to say that it's still in Google's sandbox as if it where a brand new domain... It takes time and effort for websites to crawl out of the sandbox!

    Now if the domain does have a history then you need to determine if it is a good apple vs. bad apple... You need to check its PR, authority, trust metrics as well as its backlinking profile... BTW be careful with PR values as its easy to fake that so do not rely on that as single way to determine the value of an old domain...

    A really bad apple would be if you cannot find the domain listed in Google - its been kicked out of the SERPs for violating Google's guidelines in a big way...

    As you can see with old domains it requires a bit of analysis to find a good one... But when you find one its definitely worth it!!! So take your time to learn how to spot the difference...

    Good Luck!
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