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I been a real estate agent for about 8 months. I have used four CRM programs and each have good points and bad however none works the way I want it to.

As you may or may not know real estate agents pay the top real estate websites to send leads from a local area to the agents. As of today I pay $450 for these leads and I know some agents that pay as much as $6K plus. It is debatable whether this system justifies the price and that's a subject by itself.

As with any marketing I use both online and off line marketing to get my leads. The problem is how to covert these leads into real money and this is where its important to have a good marketing plan.

My marketing plan requires software program(s) to turn leans to sales. I have search Google for the best software to help and now my head is spinning in finding this program that meets these requirements. When you dealing with a online leads you must act fast real fast because if you do not there are 100s of real estate agents in line for that one lead.

When a lead comes in regardless of the source I need a system(s) immediately send an email, a text and a voicemail to the lead and then the system(s) immediately notify my staff by email and text this way we can call from our mobile phones.

I know of programs that can do this individually (send a voicemail, send a txt, send a message) and each program would need to be programed individually however is there one that can all three?

Thank you for you help in advance!!!

Lost Agent!
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