can we sell the product in cheaper price if doing affiliate?

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i really don't know much about affiliate and things

i find out really weird thing like this

if they give commision for affiliate and we just split it to the buyers, can we sell it at cheaper price?

for example, if we earn $4 a sale we can tell the buyers to send the receipt and we give them $2

so, we can sell it cheaper

does it work?
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    Originally Posted by alertmakemoney4738 View Post

    can we sell the product in cheaper price if doing affiliate?
    It depends on the terms of service of the vendor and/or affiliate network.

    Normally it isn't allowed.

    With ClickBank, for example, it's forbidden for affiliates to give cash incentives/discounts/money-vouchers (but it's permitted to give "bonus products" to people who buy through your link).

    Originally Posted by alertmakemoney4738 View Post

    so, we can sell it cheaper

    does it work?
    It's generally a very bad idea.

    "Competing on price" isn't a good long-term strategy, and isn't normally the right approach, for building this kind of business.

    It also looks very bad, to potential customers. It can easily come across as a bit "desperate", and lose plausibility.

    Affiliate marketing is about "generating trust and credibility". You need to have subscribers who buy things through your links on the strength of your recommendation, because you're the person recommending the product and you're also the person they trust.

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    Alexa - is ever so right! Rebates are against the terms and conditions on all of the reputable affiliate platforms period.... I've never heard or seen anything to the contrary... and would not expect anything other than that...

    Think about it...You are compromising the vendor, affiliates and platform e.g. CB... You wont last long as this will get spotted and your account will be closed... and rightly so!!!

    Offering relevant bonuses which help the consumer is a good thing or a really helpful insight/review of the product and what it has to offer... being fair and balanced and not some BS which is easy to spot and never works! ... Focus on providing value.... building trust...
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