Want to put a live chat room on trading site, any ideas how to do this?

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Hi, I have a website and quite a few members have suggested that adding a chat room would be a great idea.

I'm searching for something I might be able to integrate well into my site.

Has anyone tried RumbleTalk or Envolv?
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    If you have CPanel hosting, under Softaculous -> Other/Misc you'll find a free PHPChat script you can install in seconds.


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    whats your goal with the chatroom? I've ran some on various sites, and it's never been very productive. It's so hard scrolling through all those lines of chat to find useful information.
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    Thanks guys, we tried PHPChat script on our forex trading website, but since we have a shared hosting, the server was loaded and our hosting company blocked our entire site. It took me long 24 hours to bring it back to live.
    This is why we need a chat room service that will not load our server.
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    I have tried chatwing to use on my chatroom. It's better you can try. It's not 1 to 1 person chat app. You can chat with too many people at a time using chatwing. For more info here: http://chatwing.com
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    Also chatwing has lot's of features so that users might interested to use.

    chatwing also has mobile app for android and iphone/ipad so people can save they are room inside the app of the phone and then get messages with an alert directly.
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      do a google search for chatroom software.

      Do your research and decide which one you want.

      Once you decide then the company you purchase from will be able to help you implement it on your site.


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    this is old thread but i hope someone would benefit from my post check out phpsunchat its for putting live chat rooms on your website, cheap rent a month $10/month is offered.

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    I used simple and free AJAX chat, worked for years without any serious problems.
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    Well I feel kinda bad that I didn't even let you know about my findings. Well I personally tried over 20 chat applications and the best one I found is Rumbletalk. It just has everything. From posting youtube videos, charts, its nice on phones as well, not to expensive, and not a resourse hog and of course you can manage design just as much as you want. I think it is worth trying it. Our company thinks it is the best html chat room application.

    If you own a webpage give it a go and see for yourself!
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    Chatwing has worked best for me, i have a chat room embedded into my site and users really like it more than others i have tried. Also Chatwing service is totally free for unlimited usage which all these other services mentioned above are very expensive.
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    I was worried at first whether an outside team could assist with the sale and understand our business well enough to speak directly to our potential customers. But the monitoring feature in this software has been amazing for my business. Truly recommend this web application to everyone who run e-commerce.
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    you can use this 100% free software https://www.tawk.to/ to get started...

    Chintan Mehta

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    Hi guys,

    Free software can be great but it's hard to recommend it every time. If you treat your visitors seriously you should at least compare and consider other options and choose one that fulfills your business expectations.


    LiveChat community advisor

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    Try websitetoolbox .com. They make it easy for you to host your own chat room. And every page is branded with your domain name.
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    you need to have some time while installing chat room for moderations. So be ready for itttt..
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