I´m new to the affiliate world, what´s the best source of traffic?

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I´m already used to ranking youtube videos on Google. I do it to my clients.
But now I finally decided to promote digital products as an affiliate.

What do you guys suggest me to do besides youtube videos?
Some people have recommend facebook ads, while some said it´s wast of money..

I need some tips, imputs from you, guys!

Thanks in advance!


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    There are all kinds of traffic methods my favorites are Youtube, Facebook ads, classifieds, content marketing, and social marketing from the other social networking sites besides Facebook like ...

    Google plus, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, etc...

    I would find one that is getting you a positive return on investment that is not too time consuming and try ramping it up.

    I would recommend paid Facebook ads for collecting email leads if you have a high converting squeeze page.

    I would never direct link to a product without collecting the lead first
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      Depending on your budget
      soloads work..it has always worked for me
      i promoted High Traffic Academy a program by the traffic king himself Vick Strizheus
      i made 8k and that was with one blog owner i brought a soload with him to send out to his list his list was at the time 250,000 ppl for me it's a great traffic source..

      Read my article What is Affiliate Marketing?

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    I agree it depends on budget but it depends on what your trying to promote. Not all social media platforms work as some platforms are specifically designed to attract a certain user. Take LinkedIn for example, the majority of users are professionals ppeople so unless your content is geared towards that I would step away from it.

    of course thats just my opinion. Use Youtube, use Facebook, use Twitter, use Instagram etc..

    Also solo ads are great I would suggest that you look up Igor Kheifets. He has a great track record of delivering results. Whatever you decide never discount free traffic methods too. Yes they might take longer to produce results but you might find it best for business.

    Hope this helps

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    Nowadays the social media marketing is a part & parcel of our daily life. actually we can not do even a day without social media. So it is an important place to familiar your product to your targeted audience. Of course it is a good idea.

    Happy mood

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    I use organic traffic from search engine, using the long tail keywords for affiliate marketing.
    So far so good. For more info, check my signature.
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    social media is a great source of traffic.you can use fb ads to get more traffic
    News & Media Website
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    Email marketing is best for affiliate products.
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      Originally Posted by Manish Sapkota View Post

      Email marketing is best for affiliate products.
      Email marketing is the follow up tool that allows you to close the sale. However, first you need to drive traffic to your page to get those subscribers to sign up to the list. And, to do this you can use any method that you would use otherwise including Youtube videos and Pinterest or Facebook groups or forum signatures.

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    Eham I would be very cautious on Facebook ads because in my experience they dont convert as well as they should. I would say that using Facebook as the hub of your self branding would be more beneficial. Branding is everything.
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      Nice to see that you have much experience to rank youtube video, today that traffic startegy still works like a charm, so my advice is ranking top #1 for a money keyword for your own video. This works well for affiliate product launch
      Fapturbo2 introduction version 2014
      Buy virtual credit card at www.Luckygiftcard.com
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    there are a lot of options If you know how to rank well for things, choosing the best add to go with your idea or the best idea to go with your ad.

    if your good at ranking videos, that's a good way to advertise an affiliate product.
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    Create Landing Page/ Website and rank it besides pointing youtube videos to it.

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    The best source of traffic is probably PPC - as long as you know what you are doing.

    The key is not the source but how targeted the traffic is.

    Think about where your target market go online - for instance i had a lot of products in the video game niche and YouTube worked really well.

    I also had a product in the DIY niche and Youtube worked ok, but a targeted email campaign worked better.

    My advice, work really hard promoting your site with every form of social media you can think of AND build a paid ad campaign as well.

    All the best,

    Chris Jones
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    Originally Posted by Manish Sapkota View Post

    Email marketing is best for affiliate products.
    As I'm sure an IM expert like yourself will appreciate, though, Manish, that isn't a traffic source in the sense being discussed here.

    Originally Posted by macalixter View Post

    I´m new to the affiliate world, what´s the best source of traffic?
    This is the thread you need, Macalixter: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ffic-tips.html

    The one thing I'd avise you not to spend time/effort on, for affiliate marketing is search-engine traffic, for two main reasons: first, it's very precarious and makes your business Google-dependent, and any business that's Google-dependent is no more than one algorithm-change away from a potential accident (or even a potential disaster), as so many Warriors have been finding out over the last year or two, some of them to their very great cost; secondly, for me, search engine traffic, in every single one of my niches, has been uniformly the worst-converting traffic out of everything I've ever tried - search engine visitors to all my websites typically stay the least time, view the fewest pages, opt in the least often and actually buy anything by far the least often. I admit I do get tons of search engine traffic to all my main sites (because high rankings for multiple keywords happen to be a minor side-benefit of the main targeted traffic-generation method I use) but I'd hate to have to make a living just from that traffic. If you have a good look round the forum, you'll also see plenty of other successful affiliate marketers making exactly this point.

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