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I have a concept for a really big and empowering membership site.

There is a need, I already have a huge audience and I know their deep inner desires and what these people want (in terms of the right solution to their problems).

However, I have reached a conflict.

I love writing long detailed blog articles. And I hate making videos (I don't like my accent or the way I enunciate words (Im from the urban ohio, but raised in new york, by deep south parents lol) - I'm afraid that my dialect may detract from the value of my content.

So my question is this.

Would you pay for a membership site that is predominately (95%+) written content - if the content was extremely well designed and great at helping you reach your end result?

Thanks in advance - sorry for the long post, told you I love to write.
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    Trust me....

    .....People won't care about your accent my friend.

    As long as your content caters to your members needs and is of high
    quality your retention rates will remain high for each member that joins
    your site.

    My advice to you is.....

    ....."Create BOTH forms of content" and roll it out.

    My memberships contain both written and video based trainings and I
    haven yet to receive any complaints about my deep northern UK accent.

    Good luck and if you need any help just let me know anytime.

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      I do both. I also convert my articles to video using AVR not a high volume of traffic but quality traffic

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    Originally Posted by LegendaryDreamer View Post

    I don't like my accent or the way I enunciate words
    In short, get over it. No one likes the way they sound when they hear their voice anywhere but between their ears.

    Originally Posted by LegendaryDreamer View Post

    (Im from the urban ohio, but raised in new york, by deep south parents lol
    I'm having a hard time even imagining that combination. Definitely sounds distinctive.

    Fuggedaboutit, y'all...
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    Do both. This is similar to adult membership sites where they give you the option to either:

    1) View the video online through streaming, or....

    2) Download the 700MB video to your computer

    So do both. This way you can please most of your members.

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    Go with videos. Everyone and their mother has ADD these days. As long as you know what you are talking about your accent wont matter at all.

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    Oh, and it's also name your price! Pay what you think its worth. Love you! I mean, thanks!

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    Same here, do both. It doesn't matter how you sound but ensure the quality or value you will give. Also, you can try to outsource the audio if you like.
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    I think the best thing is having an even amount of both as some like videos and some prefer reading..
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    Originally Posted by LegendaryDreamer View Post

    I hate making videos
    Then outsource the process to someone who likes making videos. Videos have a higher perceived value than text.
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  • You want people to identify with yourself and your membership site, and videos (and peculiar accent) help that personal bonding.
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    When I pay for a membership sites, I want to get contents as much as I can..
    Doesn't care if it's an eBook, videos, MP3s, or else.. As long as it's a good one
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      It seems to me the content should be formatted according to what it is. It goes without saying that regardless of the format, the content should be top quality - that's always a given.

      Having a video of a person reading a script doesn't make a whole lot of sense. That type of content could more efficiently be made into a pdf. I'd rather refer to a pdf as it's easier to skim through. I hate long videos where you have to watch the whole thing to get to a certain spot in the video that you want to review.

      But a video showing how to do something does make sense. You don't have to be the person doing the instruction. There are people you can pay to do this. Or you can hire a video making service to do the whole thing.

      In some cases it does make sense to present both formats. It really depends upon the type of content you are giving.

      Good luck,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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        Do your videos mate. If the content is good very few will care about the accent.
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    That's a really good question.

    I think you want to focus on your strengths and also what you enjoy doing. If that's writing then you want to spend most of your time actually writing.

    The key criteria is content. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter how you present it, if the content helps the customer then people are going to really benefit from it.

    On the other side if the only thing holding you back from doing videos is your accent then really don't worry about it. A different accent makes you sound unique! Also as you are selling on the internet I presume that your customers will be from all over the world? Therefore it doesn't matter who you are, your accent will be different for a lot of people.

    As others have mentioned you can also easily outsource the video creation.

    And lastly you can always add content to your membership site. Start with written content and get it out there and if you find that videos would help then you can always add them in later.
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    Do you know a TV presenter called Lloyd Grossman?

    He started on the TV in Britain around 1987 and he speaks with a Bostonian accent with a southern twist. People in the TV always spoke about his accent and in turn it branded him very quickly indeed.

    Your accent makes up you, and if there's a uniqueness to it you'll stand out above all the other traffic out there in Internet land.

    In addition to that, if you produce good quality video so it's framed properly, well lit, use good mics for clear sound and edited properly you'll do well.
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    My experience has been that membership site customers like a mix of content - written, video, audio, templates/worksheets, etc...

    You can always start with one approach and base your content and future formats on your customer feedback.

    Tip - when you start out with your membership site, it will help to incorporate these three elements:

    1) Community
    2) A weekly/monthly update of what has been added/changed with some view on what is coming next (keeps people excited about next week/month)
    3) Ways to solicit feedback - for example I have used weekly Q&A calls, coaching calls, Google Hangout sessions, interactive Webinars...anything to drive engagement, extra personal touch and allows you to poll your community for new ideas

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      I, too, might weigh in and add to the chorus of, accents-don't-matter-if-the-content-is-good, responses. People will give you a break for info value.

      That said, the price or cost of membership might be another matter. And, since you are asking WF members, the price point should be rather competitive - it would seem.
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    If anything, your drawl will be your unique trademark.

    It will make you memorable.

    And also consider that the membership site game is all about keeping retention up. If I'm paying you on a monthly basis I would want to see you and get at least some of the content from the horse's mouth so to speak.

    Like several of the other posters, my experience with my memberships and my clients' memberships have been that members respond best to a mix of not just content (videos, PDFs, articles, audios) but a mix of presentation media (webinars, live streams, live Q&As, Facebook groups, live events, etc.)

    Unless you're doing stock market picks, it'll be difficult to keep engagement high (and thus retention) if you're just writing articles, even if they're value bombs.

    Good luck!
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