Help. What is the best way to market to a prospect in a certain specific point in time?

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Hey there.

I once learned from Eban Pagan that people buy when they are "in desperate need or in a state of irrational passion". Most marketers on here probably market to irrational passion niches. Which is smart.


I have several products that fit prospects that are dealing with a problem that is in a very short window of time.

I don't really wish to reveal my niches on here (although they're not that great ) , but lets make a fake example:

Lets say I have a product that targets a woman who just had a child and are dealing with their first week of pregnancy.

Bad example, but it makes my point.

So perhaps this woman is making Google queries during this week. Using adwords used to work fantastically for me.. but they banned me because I have two accounts.

So I can no longer do adwords.

However, I don't really know how else to advertise products like this. Are tehre any alternatives? I realize facebook can kind of do this. What about twitter? Also, is youtube part of adwords or is it an entirely different network? Perhaps I can target videos on youtube?

If there is anyone out there that can help me it would be greatly appreciated. I would even consider hiring someone for consulting. I need to get these products back out there.

Thanks a ton.

I am justvery desperate to bring tehse products back into the markets. I am justlooking for a way to get right in front of a spontaneously thirsty crowd.
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    As a Google Partner with an MCC account you can have many many different accounts with Adwords.

    You might attempt to reapply to the program with a new google account and try to join the partner program and obtain an MCC account. If you're serious about doing PPC online then you shouldn't overlook Google and if you're serious about doing Adwords you should go ahead and become a Google Partner with an MCC account.

    I think joining these programs tends to put you on much better footing with Google as well.

    As for your targeting. Anytime someone has an immediate need they will usually go out in search of a solution or be attentive to potential solutions when they come to their attention. Thus you're on the right track and Adwords and Facebook PPC can be very good places to catch these individuals as they are looking for solutions to their problems.

    Youtube advertising is connected to Adwords and it can be an excellent way to get the initial views you need to help a video take off in the rankings.

    Good luck!
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      Great. Thank you very much.

      Is adwords still really difficult with Quality Score stuff?
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    While Adwords and ppc camaigns on social media are good for short-term hits, why not consider how high quality, context driven blog articles can help you on the organic, long-term side?

    It's interesting to me that the older my blog articles get, the more traction they earn from Google. Especially with the internal linking strategies and if you connect with different blogging communities and forums that engage with new mother's in this instance.

    There is a lot you can do besides just adwords, but that also doesn't mean you should stop doing them if they work for you. Just find some other creative ideas of how you can connect in different arena's.

    ~ Don Purdum
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    You should consider Bing Ads. There are a ton of other ways to drive traffic to your site quickly with paid advertising. In your niche, seek out sites that are non-competitive to you, and see if they offer advertising slots on their site. If they do, advertise there. If they don't, ask if they want to do a JV. Do that for all the major sites in your niche. Plus, starting an affiliate program will benefit you too.
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    You should try this out
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    I've always had success with youtube and creating value driven videos that provide real content that will help people get results and then "mentioning" a product in the description of the video..

    Here's the key with this method: ACTUALLY PROVIDE VALUE

    Don't make a salesy pitch or 30 second clip.. take some time and research your subject and show them how to actually start getting some results, and that's when they're much more likely to become a customer
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