What do you struggle with internally as an IMer?

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I see a lot of threads asking for help on free traffic, paid traffic, asking questions related to the techie side of things...

However, I rarely see threads on how IMers struggle internally and that lead to them feeling dragged down during the early stages of developing their online business.

Personally when I got started I had a really hard time believing in my inner potential, having faith that the business will work for me and that I will actually make sales, and I also had and still have a hard time with people who are close to me - they think what I do is scammy and impossible to achieve to the scale I want to see it at... I really dream big by the way

I personally got over this by listening to audios, shutting negative people from my life and making more online friends who I aspire to become like one day or who are on the same level as me...

For those who read this... what were your struggles or what are your stuggles and how did you or what are you doing to overcome them?

It may be a great read for newbies who feel the same way as one of us
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  • As well as learning how to do it working with a coach and other like minded people, I also work on changing the way my mind works. Currently learning from Dr Robert Anthony and reading his books helps.

    Seeing growing earnings and accelerated growth confirms these beliefs on the benefits of what we do.
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      Originally Posted by Stephen and Jennifer View Post

      As well as learning how to do it working with a coach and other like minded people, I also work on changing the way my mind works. Currently learning from Dr Robert Anthony and reading his books helps.

      Seeing growing earnings and accelerated growth confirms these beliefs on the benefits of what we do.
      I couldn't agree more with you on mindset... this is something I am constantly working on to improve the results I see in my business.

      The more my focus is clear the better! Mindset allows us to achieve ANYTHING... before we even dive in head into something we don't think about the barriers we will hit because we know we will figure them out as we go along
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    getting the energy to write
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    One of the best things I did was completely filtering out the negative voices of the nay sayers and also unsubscribing from a ton of guru email lists ... they just want push their latest program.

    Now I do at least 1 piece of training a day to build and strengthen me.

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    My coach, really emphasizing the spiritual part of being successful. Also, the inspiration for product / content creation when I first got started.
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    Huge struggle is dealing with the information overland and realizing that there are multiple things you have to learn and get good at in order to succeed. I have tried several ways to make money on line and each one usually has a new set of tools to learn. Autoresponders, web site development, banner making and keywords being just a few examples. Recommend sticking to one approach and give it a couple months of hard focused effort before trying anything else.
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    Definitely finding the energy to produce content, and doing the same promotional routine daily.
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    Self belief is always a battle. Knowing that you can make something work but then doubting yourself because other people are skeptical of the idea when you discuss it with them. Having the strength to trust your own judgement has been important to me.
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      I struggled with validation. People thought what I did was scammy, not because of my business ethics, products or mindset. But just because I mentioned the word "Internet marketing".

      To this day the only time I use the word Internet Marketing is in this forum.
      Otherwise I say online marketing. It seems to be a more accepted term, especially to outsiders.

      And of course no one I talked to knew what a niche was, much less a niche market consultant. Even some relatives and friends who owned small businesses at the time. They had a vague, fuzzy idea; but couldn't give you an example - or use it in a sentence.

      It's funny though, the more money I started making the more they seem to understand. Hmm!
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    The specific mental patterns that occur will vary, but perhaps some of the greatest ways to overcome them can be summarized as follows:

    # You are the average of the 5 people you associate with most. Do whatever is necessary to make those 5 people those who you most want to be like. If you don't have anyone around you that qualifies, meet people online or even just read a lot of books by such people to get a similar effect.

    # Know clearly what you want and review it daily. Include exactly why you want it, and how you plan to get it, and why you feel that is a good approach. This helps overcome any doubts, or negative influences that may try to convince you it isn't possible.

    # Use pearson's law obsessively. Having clear goals, and tracking progress towards them and reviewing it each day tends to greatly increase motivation in all cases ... independent of what internal processes may be causing a lack of motivation.

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