What is Clickbank's "Call Center Upsell" Feature? Do You Know?

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Clickbank lists this on their website, but doesn't explain what it is exactly:

Call Center Upsell
Maximize revenue. Higher conversions through integrated call-to-activate solution.

Does this mean that Clickbank will take phone orders? Can I have my customers call in to place an order for a product?

Does anyone know anything about this feature?
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      why not ask clickbank and then tell us all what it means

      1984 and Animal Farm are supposed to be WARNINGS not instruction manuals
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        Originally Posted by agmccall View Post

        why not ask clickbank and then tell us all what it means

        I sent messages to support and they weren't helpful. Didn't know about it. Also tried calling but they're closed.

        Anyone know what this is or have experience with it?
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          Originally Posted by roblawrence View Post

          .....Also tried calling but they're closed.
          Well shit...... then my guess is that whatever that feature is; it probably sucks!

          Sorry....... being funny. I just couldn't stand the irony.
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    Did not know about this, as I have not seen it yet.

    What many companies use is a "boiler room method" where they have

    people who make calls to close in on deals, and asking for credit card info.

    I've been in MLM's in the past and you sign up and enter all your info.

    And guess what? A week later you get someone calling you trying to upgrade you.

    That's what I think it is, but than again I could be wrong here, but that's what it sounds like.

    It's an opportunity for product owners of clickbank to use their call center reps to try and close sales?
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    Automatic Upsell. Only with ClickBank can online merchants earn affiliate commissions from consumers at checkout, further boosting their revenues. Once an online purchase of a digital product is complete, ClickBank will automatically recommend other digital products targeted to that consumer on the confirmation page. Find more Info Here
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