Exactly what tools/programs do I need to make money online

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G'day everyone,

It seems that after 6 years of FAILING in IM, I am at a loss. I have had a breakthrough though....stopped buying "guru's" stuff.

Can some people please advise EXACTLY what I need in IM tools. This last 6 years has seen me buy/use the following:
Market Samurai - still really don't know how to use
Optimize Press - confused why I brought this
Mail Chimp - I don't have a mailing list
Fusion HQ
And this just some of the crap I own.

I also have about 10 TB of IM courses, business, self improvement seminars and more.

Now what could I possibly be missing. A shopping cart, CRM like infusionsoft.

Could you guys/gals maybe list the essentials? Definitely must have tools to work your business.

Cheers gang!

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    None of that.

    You need to figure out a method you're going to use to make money onilne. Buying shit is pointless.

    I for instance started out as affiliate marketer and decided to sell an anti spyware software - so I learn how to do that, build a website, drove traffic and made sales...

    It wasn't much earnings so I decided to build my own products in a specific niche.

    (The tools are just part of the process not the actual process).

    Have you tried finding a niche you like and creating products in it, i.e. running your own business, perhaps you're good at something, have a talent, etc you can develop products and help others in that niche. If you're interested in doing this try to learn about it more... pick one thing and do just that until it works.
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    OMG! Those are all great tools but you need to know what you have to do with them. You have everything in place to start your own business. Decide the direction you wanna go or have a look for a mentor with reputation who is showing you what to do.

    You don't need more than:

    a squeeze Page builder (like optimize press)

    That's what I use and it is fine. You bought all this stuff and all the courses don't you think you can build a great business out of it? maybe you should read more from the self develop stuff you bought because the mindset is one of the most important things. Also reading won't build your business but taking action does.

    Think about it.
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    Seriously I think you should start small than scale it. Start earn something.. Your are overload with all the info from others. Maybe too much time doing research but no action. I hope you could start small now, as long you can earn. Even if you have to list service in Fiverr. You need to gain confident than you will much better shape.
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    Oh my...

    You are sure overloaded with good tools and info that are distracting you from making any kind of money online. I would suggest to step back for one moment and forget about all those fancy tools and info products for one moment.

    You have tried a lot of different things and nothing has worked for you so far.

    There are different ways you can go about this. There are quick-cash methods that actually work if you focus on them and put in some work. Things like building a new list through clickbanking (trading clicks with other people who have a list) There are facebook groups for this and people who will be willing to send you clicks first.

    All you would need is a simple squeeze page, an autoresponder and a giveaway report. Then you could monetize those leads with Pay Per Lead programs, where you get paid for every lead you send.Once you make your first dollars online, you can begin to scale up by buying solo-ads and building a buyers list

    If you want to build a sustainable business and are good at writing, I would recommend getting into Kindle publishing and focussing on that. There is a lot of money to be made there if you are willing to take the time to learn how to market your books properly.

    It all comes down to what you are good at. What your main skills are
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    You have a lot of stuff on your list. I suggest you dont buy them all because not all of them are useful. You can start by creating a product or maybe showing your services. Create a website for that and then market it.

    Not Just “Another” Team

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    Do you have an audience you sell to in the first place? Identify
    your audience and how big their demand is for a single or line of
    products first. Make a list of keyword phrases, the monthly demand
    and the profit margin on the items they buy, and how many you would
    have to sell to be where you want to be financially.

    Second, look at competitors that are servicing that audience and
    decide what you can do better and how they are marketing to
    that audience.

    Third, decide of there is room in there for you to be competitive. Otherwise,
    move on and find another audience and repeat the process.
    Once you find an area where you can see an opportunity to
    make enough money, build your online and offline presence to
    dominate that market.

    All those tools and services can be used, but you might not
    need them.

    I have more tools and gadgets in my computer too, but I don't use
    them on each project. Just use what you need to optimize
    your business.

    There are people who use Youtube, an autoresponder and a domain
    that redirects to an affiliate link, who make $500,000 per year.

    Target your audience first and build it up. How you do it and how efficient
    it can be done is all up to you.
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    earn money online is really hard , this is the only thing i know
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    Wow stop for a sec with buying stuff.

    You could buy every tool in the world and just having them will not get you any income. You need to FOCUS on a method.

    Follow One Course Until Successful

    I have found most of my success from creating and marketing my own products. At the beginning I sold a product teaching people how to make a simple wordpress blog from buying hosting setting up wordpress and getting free themes.

    It was a very simple product but it helped people. That is how I made my 1st $100 online.

    Find 1 method that is proven to work and stick with it until you make it work. Treat this like a REAL business because it is one. Good Luck

    I help the overworked & underpaid wage slave break free using the internet and email. Find out how at ==> www.EducatedRebel.com

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  • Baby steps

    Setup your hosting domain, autoresponder, find a demand in the niche and give solution.

    Keep it simple.

    Need a Coach to generate leads and TRIPLE your online business income?
    Let me Inspire and Empower You!
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    Squeeze pages: Leadpages / Optimize Press
    AutoResponder: Get Response or Pure Leverage
    Hosting: BlueHost (includes domain)

    That's all I use and I don't feel I'm in need of something else
    Free 9-Day Bootcamp Training To Build Your Profitable Online Business!
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    Ummm did everyone forget that they need other software? Things like:

    Word Processing

    • Word (Windows)
    • Open Office (Windows)
    • Pages (Mac)
    • Bean (Mac)
    Video Processing

    • Jing (Screencast-Windows & Mac)
    • Camstudio (Screencast-Windows)
    • Camtasia (Screencast-Windows)
    • IShowU (Screencast-Mac)
    • Quicktime Pro (Screencast-Mac)
    Video Editors

    • Final Cut Pro 7 (Mac)
    • Final Cut Pro X (Mac)
    • Windows Movie Maker (Windows)
    • iMovie (Mac)
    • Sony Vegas Pro (Windows)
    Audio Processing

    • Audacity (Windows & Mac)
    • Garageband (Mac)
    • FL Studio (Windows)
    Graphic Design

    • Gimp (Windows & Mac)
    • Photoshop (Windows & Mac)
    I guess people take those things for granted....
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    The only thing you'll ever really need is - determination.

    Forget all those BS "guru" shit, it's not worth a penny. Good luck
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    First of all, you need an IDEA! Idea of what you are interested in. Yeah, you can buy cool stuff, software, guides etc. But no one will ever sell you an Idea what to do. First of all - pick a niche which you are interested in, only one niche. No one can succeed in all "IM" niches. One likes to sell goods, other like to make money on ads...
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      Yea I know this post is a bit outdated based on the date it was posted and I was just wondering what did you end up doing in the end? Did you finally find something that worked for you? An update is always nice.

      Also you are not the only one to fall victim of the gurus and their "get rich quick posts." The vast majority will tell you in their product threads that this is not a get rich quick system followed by screenshots that for all I know could have been Photoshopped (not saying they are) of hundreds of dollars or more that they claim they made within the first few days. Yea so much for no get rich quick.

      Oh and also they love giving out review copies and the vast majority of these people usually respond back with something along the lines of "I read through the ebook and it looks good I think you should try it." Keep in mind that none of those people actually confirmed that they tried the methods or how much money they made. Most just say they read the ebook which is where I say there is a difference between reading the ebook and saying it sounds good vs. I read the ebook and tried the methods and this is how much money I made.

      My point is not that gurus are bad people or that you should not trust them just that this vicious cycle we fall victim of where we buy every marketing product they offer under the sun in hopes to make money are not going to help fix the issue. My advice is that if you haven't already take one method and focus on that one.

      Focusing on more then one thing at a time can be draining and can become overwhelming. Focus your attention on one method and find out what you need to do to make it work and keep trying. If you don't get it to work at first maybe find different approaches to the same method to see what helps you succeed the most. I wish you best of luck.
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    1. Your brains
    2. Blind dedication.
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      If you want to do something with building a list the least you would need is:

      - An autoresponder (say Getresponse)
      - Perhaps a squeeze page generator (Leadpages)
      - Hybrid Connect
      - Social locker Pro

      I just give some personal recommendations that I use myself.

      If you want to do SEO I'd recommend:

      - Scrapebox
      - RDDZ
      - DomCop
      - Majestic SEO subscription
      - Free Moz account to get access to their API
      - SerpFox (one of the few reliable ranktrackers)
      - BuzzStream (for link outreach)

      I use all of these except for BuzzStream, each of the other ones are essential for me.

      Other resources that help you to scale

      - Content platform (Textbroker, iWriter, TwoWriters, HireWriter)
      - VA platform (Freelancer, eLance, oDesk, Fiverr)

      Oh and in most cases you need money to make money, especially for me money is very important as I need to:

      - buy content
      - buy high PR domains
      - pay my VA's
      - pay for traffic

      Your best shot without money would be to offer a service, that could be content, VA, logo design, SEO, web design etc.
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    • Profile picture of the author Peter Lee
      Start list building since you have never done it. You won't regret it. Create a squeeze page and drive traffic everyday and start growing your list. It's better to focus on one simple thing to do than to do 10 things and procrastinate doing them.You can start to make money from CPA affiliate products with a list, even in the process of building it.
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  • Profile picture of the author Edwin Torres
    Get that email list going!

    Right now you have a bunch of tools that you have no idea how to use them or what they're even for. I would try mastering each one and seeing how you can incorporate all your tools seamlessly.
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    You don't need much of anything...

    A domain + hosting + wordpress... an autoresponder with a optin form on your site + A freebie to give away when people optin (can be rebranded PLR)... an upsell (Rebranded PLR course as well)... A way to drive traffic to your offer (Facebook, YouTube, etc or paid traffic) ... and Paypal to collect your mula!

    You seem to be a little bit of a step ahead with the resources you have. Take what you need and leave the rest alone. Making money is not complicated but you have complicated it for yourself by thinking you need all of that extra stuff.
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    • Profile picture of the author Andre Slater
      Stop learning and start taking massive action...

      I went through the same thing you have spent over 10k on programs and systems looking for the secret their is none... It's all just basics dressed up...

      The real think you must learn is Marketing...

      and the biggest thing your probably missing is your


      Personal development (NOT MOTIVATION)

      It's seems you got motivation, but what I am talking about is PD...

      Follow this system


      Read 1 hour a day
      Listen to Audio 1 hour a day

      Build something get it out there and test and tweak till you can get it to convert then scale...
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  • Profile picture of the author badut jenaka
    omg. 10TB course and you at lost? I think what you have to do is keep that 10TB away and do something that you can thing the most feasible method to do for you. Start from scratch and keep focusing on that way don't get distracted by other "shiny" method.

    It's best to become master of one thing than, master of nothing.

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  • Profile picture of the author Tom Addams
    What an interesting group of lists. Most of them are assets, not tools, but we'll overlook that.


    - Wordpress
    - aWeber/ Get Response


    - Domain
    - Hosting
    - Knowledge

    With hard work, anyone should be earning 3-figures a day with those.


    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    My heart goes out to you man... I also just spoke with someone in a similar situation to you: 6 years and no sales at all!

    I started in 2013 and started making sales almost straight away. I struggled for a few months before hand because I was trying to figure things out on my own. When I was able to find a mentor and coach, things changed - I guess it was the training I got.

    You have some good tools to use that can really help you build your list which is what you need to be doing. I am more than happy to help you out... PM me if you would like some help.
    How To Make Money Online The Right Way?
    Download My FREE eBook: The Supreme Online Profit Formula
    A Simple Step by Step Guide To Making Six Figures Online
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    sounds like you have all the tools you could possibly need to start earning, now all you have to do is actually take the time to learn how to use them, and take it seriously!
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  • Profile picture of the author Bob Reynolds
    Simplify. Work on your domain, get a sqz page, and autoresponder, find a niche, get some products in that niche and start sending traffic to build a list. Work on making your own product from your experiences. Take care of your list and keep growing it.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jacob Caris
    You only really need three things to get started:

    - Domain + Hosting
    - Autoresponder
    - Idea to build your sales funnel around.

    Over the Shoulder FREE 3 Part Training - Watch How to Build a 6 Figure Online Business Step by Step - Click Here to Watch Part 1

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  • Profile picture of the author Rory Singh
    Great list of things and ideas by everyone. Now remember to also start taking some action. Any action. Just start somewhere.

    You had a big list that gets me a little overwhelmed.

    If it's money that you are after, then you will need these things:

    1- Targeted Traffic: Put your offer in front of the 'right' audience who actually want what you have to sell.

    2- Conversions: Yes having a list is important but making conversions will keep you in the game long enough to get what you are really after.

    3- Reason: Why did you come here to IM? Most will say that it's for money? Well how much? What is behind the money? The reason behind your money goal is the REAL reason. If your why is strong enough, it will pull you through and allow you to make your break through online.

    4- Mindset: This last thing is the most important thing. What ever you think and believe is what is true for you. If you want different results than the one's you are used to, then you will need to work on your Mindset.

    Do you have the 'Right' Mindset?
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  • Profile picture of the author jamescanz
    You can get started by just using an email marketing service (if you are looking to be frugal).

    Use an Aweber form as an optin, direct them to a page from there...

    And allow all of the magic to happen within the emails.

    Of course, you will need to be able to send traffic to your form.
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