How much would you pay?

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I am in the process of putting a service together, but currently have no idea how much to charge for the service.

The service will be a Web Design (sales page including order button and e-book graphic) + Sales Letter Copywriting as an all-in-one package. Guaranteed to be delivered on a pre-arranged date. Only a certain number of projects will be accepted per month and each will be scheduled for a specific delivery date.

The Web Design will be of good-to-excellent quality depending on how accurate the request is from the client. The Sales Letter will be of good quality, and anywhere between 4-10 pages in length depending on the quality of the answers to the Sales Letter Survey that is filled out upon ordering.

All-in-One Package: What would you pay? What do you feel is fair? Is this a service that you could and WOULD use?

I appreciate all of your opinions, thank you for taking the time to respond.

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