This probably isn't a new product promotion idea, but...

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....but I thought I'd post this for discussion since newbies might get a good idea (that is, IF it is a good idea...) and experienced marketers can debate the pros and cons if they desire:

So, the other day I was worrying about if my digital ebook products were being put up on any free download torrent sites... BUT then I got to thinking, wouldn't it be a good idea to write a free report in PDF / Ebook format that is comprised of some really good solid content and with a nice catchy title and that promotes a product I want to sell, and just post that free report on one or many of the torrent sites??

Good idea? Bad idea? Why?

Thanks for participating!

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    Great idea David,

    I have been getting great traffic & unbelievable exposure for my products over the years through torrent/warez marketing.

    Here's a twist for you:

    Put a high price tag in the title for your "Free" report... if people think it's free, they won't share it.

    If they think it's a $397 product, they will share it like crazy.

    I posted a thread about this same topic a while ago... let me go dig it up...


    Edit: I guess I didn't post it afterall, but here's what I had written on the subject:

    Viral Marketing Trick - Use the BlueFartters/Pirates with a Whitehat Method

    Having read many, many threads where people are complaining that their product is being given away, shared on warez sites, torrent sites, etc, basically being shared virally...I thought I would share this special trick.

    Viral Marketing - Trick The BlueFartters!

    Here is a technique that works amazing...

    Is your product being distributed illegally? THAT'S GREAT!
    Here's what you should do... exploit this free viral traffic.

    If your product is worth sharing, and people risk doing something illegally to share your product, that should give you a hint that you have a solid product that many people want to get their hands on, by paying for it, or stealing it.

    So, if I were in this position, I would re-write your ebook course and add a bunch of relevant affiliate links.
    Next, put a high ticket price point on it, like $997, then somehow, (I'll leave that up to you to be creative) leak your $997 product on the torrent sites... people love to steal/share valuable products.

    I'm sure you have experience submitting your url to search engines, or submitting your product details to script directories, so it's just the same submitting your (old) product (with your company details and url) to warez sites. Just to a search for warez and look for "Submit Warez" and enter the details and download link to your old version and presto... you are on the fast track to viral success! Simply repeat the process with every warez site you can find that allows you to submit your software, rinse and repeat!


    Join The Future: Telekinetic Marketing

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    It's a good idea, for sure. However, it pays to think out of the box when you're doing such stuff, or else you get average results.
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    if they stole your product in the first place,what makes you think they will ever
    spend any money,once a crook always a crook plain and simple.

    Something new soon.

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    People always love free stuff and thinking they got a high ticket for nothing will definitely make them want to share it. Include some well placed links to your real product and give it away.
    I think it's a great idea.

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  • Yes.... except if someone DOES buy it as a result of this strategy, they're going to be a torrent user. In all likelyhood, they'll upload your real product just as soon as they get their hands on it....

    Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy, and good with ketchup.

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    It is a nice idea but most of the traffic you'll get will be from people who won't spend any money on your products or services. They can however, make your site extremely popular. If you have a blog or forum to promote, it can be a great strategy.

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      @Jared Alberghini - those are very strong suggestions, thanks! And here's the thing, you have actual experience that this has driven traffic to your site(s) and given you measurable exposure, so you're not just offering an opinion, you're offering experience. I wonder if you've had any way to know if that exposure and traffic has resulted in sales....??

      I don't know if the other posts were based on actual experience...

      Here's my thought (not based on experience...):

      It seems logical to conclude the freebie seekers might not turn into buyers.

      That said, it's also likely true that if they're downloading a free item on a particular topic in a specific niche, then they ARE at least interested in that topic.

      Soooo, it MAY also be logical to conclude that if you can create a giveaway that solidifies your position as a go-to expert, provides tangible or at least perceived value to the freebie seeker - and here's the kicker - AND has a very strong way of creating an urgent pressing strong desire for more, then PERHAPS that could convert that freebie seeker into buyer...

      ... whaddya think?

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    Instead of promoting ebooks and other downloadable products that is available on the same torrent site anyway, you can offer products that are not available there.

    For the IM niche there are many to chose from: A hosting account that you need to have, aweber, a service that has an affiliate link (bookmarking service, writing service, design service, backlinking service, seo service, submitting service, your own service), monthly subscription services.

    You can also promote Squidoo and similar pages who gives you 5 bucks a signup (if they make money themselves), multi level marketing affiliate systems that brings traffic or money.

    I would not try to promote an ebook, as the torrent dudes probably will get it for free anyways.
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