Ideas for breaking the $500/Day stuck point?

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Hey guys,

Any insight would be grateful. I've been stuck around $400 to $500 per day for a while (about a year). My goal is $1000 average per day.

I have a leading product in my niche.
I rank #1 in Google already for years.
Small specialized niche.
$150 to $250 main product.
Some add-ons around $50 to $60.
In business for almost 10 years.

I treat my customers like my family. I go out of my way without any hesitation. Users love the products, I receive emails of excitement like Christmas morning. Only 10 refunds per year. I like to maintain a warm and honest connection.

But I'm stuck.

Many of my sales come from referrals and organic search. I tried driving traffic, but to my surprise it really makes little or no difference, and it's at a rate of $1.00 per click for good targeted views. Tried leveraging YouTube but the product is really a software tool-like and really doesn't require much knowledge to use.

Thanks in Advance.
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    Why is the market so limited, is it a software product? Is it only for specific industry? Is it an information product? With these types of products growth potential should be high.

    However $400 a day is a good base to expand, but If you have a leading position in your niche I would spend money to protect that position, i.e Improve the product, have higher marketing spend etc to prevent competitors entering that space. Make sure the entry for new competitors is costly and complicated. I would not take for granted the current income. I have see an income of $200 per day disappear overnight!

    For growth potential you could add a premium product with extras for a higher price point or move to a recurring revenue model. And there is no reason to stick with one product , if you have a model which works, you can replicate it more products. Use some of your revenue to create and test new products. to increase revenues. Diversify to strengthen you position in the market.
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    Could you add training videos, commercial licenses, webinars, premium support, other software that compliments it?

    Could you ramp up more affiliates?

    Just thoughts.

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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  • Some expensive stuff on the back end and association for your niche just idea

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    As Scott said:
    get JV partners and offer affiliate promo tools.
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    What types of paid traffic have you used? If you are ranking in top spot of google and have tried adwords PPC some would say you are cannibalizing your sales because you are already on the top spot of that page which you are now paying adwords for.

    You have to get more eyeballs on your site if your goal is to make more sales. If you are at the top spot for organic traffic it is hard to really scale organic traffic once you reach that point.

    If you have your demographic really dialed in, then I am sure you can look at FB for that demographic and target people there.

    Again I am assuming you know your customers avatar to a tee, so I would look at sites that are similar to what your niche is into and that sell ad space and maybe look into media buys on those sites.

    Just some thoughts..
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    3 words: rinse and repeat.

    You know how to make 500 bucks a day. Duplicate it. This might sound like an oversimplification, but I live by this approach.

    - Optimize what you do to maximum efficiency;
    - Add staff to take the reigns;
    - Duplicate.


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    Paid traffic...

    You can scale endlessly, and you have enough budget to start testing.

    Good luck!
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      Have you considered a recurring membership fee to a community site? You haven't said much about your customers, but are there things they have in common that they would like to get together to discuss?


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    Do you have a high ticket offer in your funnel? Like a $1000 personal coaching program or mastermind group?

    If it's not a typica IM niche, you could offer specialized individual trainings as well. What you seem to lack from your explanation above is a highly priced offer to offer to your customers after they have purchased your other products.

    Hope that helps
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    Thank you everyone for the great advice.

    Regarding the affiliate program, I do have a full-line promotion package and many affiliates but the sales are very small and only from a few affiliates. Tried the affiliate thing for years, it's my biggest disappointment so I stopped putting time into it.

    I haven't done media buys yet so this could be an option. My clientele is pretty wide which makes it hard to nail a single topic or niche. I guess there would be lots of trial and error there.

    As for coaching, I'm not really sure what I could coach people on but I consider it again and think about some ideas.

    I did think about the recurring membership many many times. I'm relying heavy on the current income and would need to figure out a way to switch everything to a small monthly fee without losing my shorts the first 6 months.

    I'm also curious, has anyone here transformed their income by switching to monthly subscription? I'm just trying to get the guts to do it.

    For as paid traffic, I have used MSN and Google. At the moment, my competitors pay about 1.05/click to be above my top position in Google.
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    My alarm bells start sounding when reading posts like this.
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    Sounds like you have a decent list of buyers.

    - Have you asked them what additional product/service might benefit them now, or in the future? Depending on their feedback, can you provide?

    - You mention your customers are family. Do you trust 2 or 3 to work with branching out into yet a new business venture? While I would hesitate to go into business with family, I think you get the point.

    - Duplication has been mentioned. Is your niche one where 'resellers' paying you for the opportunity to market under their label/brand an option? Maybe white label?

    Just some ideas...

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    If your present customers are spending $400 to $500 a day and you're truly buying targeted traffic at a buck a click and it's not making a difference something is very wrong.

    Why would you be getting organic sales but little or nothing with targeted paid traffic?

    What's the product? Why not toss that out there? Then maybe you'd get some useful advice. It's hard to try and guess what's wrong especially when no one knows what you're doing.
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    I would look at using your method and adding one or more products to add additional sales and profits
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    If you want to make more money. You need to provide more value. Earning money is just like giving to receive the more value you give first the more money you will receive.
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    I would say concentrate on what you do best (that is selling your product). For you to concentrate on this part only, you need to leverage other people's work. Have people get you leads. On the spot, I would think about having someone from odesk or something like this posting on different classifieds website to get you leads or have different affiliates promoting a low entry product and then let you do the upsell for your main product.

    Just 2 quick ideas that could break that 500 barrier.

    Good luck,
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      Send a survey to your list and see what else they are interested in.
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    If traffic is not your problem then maybe you should add other products to your arsenal. If your customers are all loving the product that you have already then another product from you would go nicely and I'm sure they will be happy to buy more from you.

    It's like McDonald's...They were known for hamburgers then they added fries and etc. In other words "Add Fries" to your already existing customers, that should boost your numbers. Instead of focusing on fresh customers just add to what your existing customers have already bought just make sure the new product can go hand in hand with what they already have from you

    "Sell Until The Customer Stops Buying" ~ Alex Jeffreys
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    You can also try retargeting.

    Couple of ways to do it

    1. Place a Facebook retargeting pixel on your offer page and/or cart page and follow the people around who didn't buy on facebook offering them some sort of discount via coupon code if they come back and buy within xx hours or days.
    2. Do the same thing with banners using sitescout.

    Facebook probably much easier bc you don't have to worry as much about whether or not your ad is above the fold.

    You just creat a custom audience and follow them around.

    Won't crush your $500 a day, but will definitely help you break through - and everything counts.

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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