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Hi Warriors,

I have Windows XP. The time shows in the task bar at the bottom on the far right-hand side. Is there a way to make the date show as well? I know I can view it if I mouse over the time, but is there a way to make it display in the task bar as well?

(Sorry, I need to know for an accounting class I'm taking.)


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    Increas the taskbar

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      Increase the height of your taskbar and it will show up automatically.

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        Correct...double the size of your task-bar, and you get the current date...free!

        Not promoting right now

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  • The fun part is going to be explaining to others how you do that. I don't know why but I did that on my laptop and anytime someone else sees my laptop show the date in the lower right they like instantly go "How did you do that!?" like it's some kind of secret or something...
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      I use a free program called "Object Dock" from Stardock.com

      Excellent MAC like taskbar, and you can "dock" anything to it.

      A real organizer/time saver.

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