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I am starting a new News Blog site, Is blogging community a good source to get traffic?

Which blogging communities are best to get traffic?

Is there any other resources for News Blogs to get more traffic other than Social Media?
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    What is your news site focused on? Surely you have a niche and you're not trying to cover ALL news, correct?

    If I were you I'd hang out where other people interested in that niche would hang out on. Forums, other blogs, etc. Google+ communities have also worked great for me in the past.

    What's actually more important is how you're going to separate your news site from other news sites. Since it doesn't sound like you're an established authority in your niche, I'm going to assume you're pulling and paraphrasing your news from other websites. Focus hard on finding someway to separate yourself from the news sites if you want people to visit yours rather than visit your competitors (who will likely get access to any information before you).
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      Anyone want to give me some references
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        Can anyone let me know about blogging community and which one is good.

        Is there any alternative or another source to blogging community
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          You must give a more clear definition of what "blogging community" means. I have never heard of such a thing and I don't think it exists.

          If you're meaning and audience of people, all of which have blogs, that's one thing. If you mean a group of people that run around reading random blogs that's something else.

          Who is your market? Who do you want as your prospects? There is no such thing as a blogging community.


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    According to me, You should choose the Social media side for your news blog site. It is the best one rather than any other work. If you share your news link on your social media page, your audience will see the news on the social media first, then they will reach on your News blog. most of time are passing on the social media page, so every one will see your news on the social media page first. Thanks
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