Like Paypal, but doesn't need all the features - NEED Suggestions Please

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Hello Warriors. All of the Paypal Alternative threads and sites get me dizzy and some offer what I don't need. 15 yrs experience, but I'm getting old. So I NEED HELP.

Here is what I need please: Some recs on companies that allow my customers to Pay by Visa, Mastercard Debit/Credit cards. Amex would be nice but no big deal. So, I don't need the "pay with paypal or other forms of money platform". Payment page hosted by them is fine. I'm flexible on fees. Don't need the cheapest. I just want to be able to get approved and with a company who will disperse my money to my bank in reasonable time. 3-5 days is fine. My co. is 15 yrs old and switched to affiliating high end courses vs. selling them wholesale a few yrs ago. But, we have some good Ebooks and internal training books I'd like to process so I can get paid everyday. I am a U.S company with another DBA. My company name is trusted by my visitors. So as long as pmt company is secure and actually works, I think I'll be good.

I tried Payza, but it wasn't until I was signed up and approved that they said they only take Visa and I'm hearing stories about them holding funds etc. Moneybookers/Skrill left me uncertain. 2 checkout didn't approve me. Not sure why. Not looking for Clickbank just now - but will on something esle. Just looking for a payment button for big credit card company acceptance.

Without a big list or referral to a large thread, can someone offer a few names based on what I'm looking for? or you are happy with?

Thank You

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    Thanks Kishor. Heard of them but never explored. I will visit them and see. Nick
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    Oh and the other thing with Payza is you have to be a Payza member to pay by it. Do not want that either. Want my customers in and out. Txs again for the help!
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    ClickBank and Stripe would be the best alternative for PayPal. I haven't used it yet but yeahh I have heard good about it.

    Salma Ali

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    Beside the Paypal, there are some more ways, you can use anyone of these. Such as SKRILL, PAYEZA, PAYONEER & so on. you can check with them.


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      Originally Posted by allyssaallyson View Post

      Beside the Paypal, there are some more ways, you can use anyone of these. Such as SKRILL, PAYEZA, PAYONEER & so on. you can check with them.
      I can recommend Skrill also.
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    PayPal has different membership levels. PayPal Pro will allow you to give your customers more payment options at checkout, which increases your chances of getting the sale.

    With PayPal you can accept credit & debit cards, bank transfers, phone payments, and in-person payments.

    PayPal Credit offers your customers the chance to buy now and pay later with special financing. The best part is that you get paid right away with no wait. PayPal Credit is built in to the PayPal checkout at no extra cost.

    PayPal Payments Pro is a true enterprise-class payments system that can be configured in any way that your business demands With PayPal Payments Pro the buyer does not have to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card.

    I believe with PayPal Payments Pro you will be able to do everything you explained. I think I pay $30 a month as this is a different division of PayPal.

    So PayPal is still your best option to process payments.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    Yeah, check out Stripe.
    Amazon repricing software that helps you win the Buy Box more often. eBay repricing also available.
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    I use paypal payments pro with gateway. when customer checks out they use their credit card just like any other cart and they do not know they are using paypal. By the way, why don't you want people to be able to pay with paypal. Many buyers prefer to use paypal over giving their credit card info to strangers.


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    Actually PayPal is the best. Paypal has the worldwide service than any other e-currency site. But as an alternative of PayPal you may use Payza, Skrill(Moneybookers), Netller etc. I am using Skrill and I am happy with its security.

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    Stripe gets my vote too! We implemented it back in August as we were getting fed up of PayPal (or rather our customers were!), and we've been really pleased with it!

    It's key benefits are that payments can be taken on your own site - you're not redirected to a "hosted" payment page on another site, and that you don't need to signup for any account in order to make a payment (where as with PayPal, depending upon your country and/or the number of times you've used PayPal previously, you do!)

    Stripe integration was a little trickier to initially setup compared to PayPal integration, but we were able to do it within an evening, and we've been really pleased with the results so far! (although we do notice a higher rate of card declines than with PayPal)

    My only slight concern is Stripe's partnership with ApplePay, and whether this could lead to Stripe going the way of Google Checkout (wallet) - which can now only be used to accept payments for mobile apps and nothing else! ...hope Stripe doesn't go the same way!
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