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Hi everyone

Has anyone taken article syndication as a main strategy to build a business? I've been doing article marketing for some time and it brings me quite good traffic to my website. However I'd like to know if this strategy is worth effort in longer term.

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    Dan, it's a lot of work, but article marketing accounts for about 67% of my
    online income. So if you have the time to put into it, it can be quite
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    I have used it along with other marketing vehicles in the past, but as it happens I'm about to start a test with 30+ new niche sites I'm in the process of setting up. These are all over the board in terms of subject matter, which I've done on purpose to get a better idea of how the results will generalize. The test will involve only using article submissions to a few directories and nothing else. I won't link to any of these sites in any other way. I will be using AdSense, Ebay, Clickbank, and Amazon affiliate links to monetize each site. So they'll be pretty much your standard content mini-sites (20 or so pages each). I was toying with adding opt-in forms, but that might be another test I do later on. I want this to be as straightforward as possible. Just get article traffic and see how much they can make from one-off visitorship.

    I'm going to be updating pretty regularly how things are going on my Twitter page, if you want to follow along. I do IM part-time, so it's a good test for folks who don't have the time to devote full-time to IM. I had hoped to have the sites all ready to start marketing by the end of today, but I hit a PHP snag (ARGH!!!), so I'll probably actually start submitting articles to the directories mid-week or by next weekend (depending on how busy I am at the J.O.B. this week).

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